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03 June 2011


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I just love yoyos. I made a simple wall hanging ghat is one of my favorite pieces! Have fun with yous! Steph


This sounds like a fun plan! It's portable and somehow one yo yo at a time, I know you'll be at 1008 before you and I know it. I can't wait to see all of your yo yos spilling out of that box.


It sounds like fun. I may work on some too.


I have always wanted a yo-yo quilt! I'm not sure if I have the time for something so large, but I think I'd be in for it! 1008 sounds so intimidating, but they'll probably add up quickly. Are you going to post a how-to? Because I've seen them, but never made them :)


I think that would be so much fun! I have never made yoyos before but have wanted to.


I have always wanted to play around with yoyos, but I made them without a yoyo maker in the past. I wonder if it makes them easier? I will look for one, any suggestions on which brand, etc?


Mariah, absolutely! It's a super easy process, especially with a yo-yo maker.

Leanne, a yoyo maker makes it sooo much easier. The brand I recommend is Clover, and you can find the 60mm yoyo maker at Joanns. Make sure to use your 40 or 50% off coupon!


What a great camping project. I will have to do this too. I've been wanting to do mini yo-yo coverlets for new pillow shams that I want to make.


Love your yoyos! It's going to be a great coverlet.


I might just join you, right after I finish my hexie pillow.
I think I'll use some of the scraps I won in your giveaway.


That's a great project for summer, especially when you're having so much fun kayaking!


Yes! I have wanted to make a yo-yo quilt for a long time. Thank you for the nudge :)


Sounds like a great idea, but I'm currently working on Yoyoville, so that will be my limit for awhile. Have fun kayaking! That's where I hope to be tomorrow.

Brandi Fox

I have never done a quilt along or made a yo-yo but it looks like fun and I LOVE hand sewing

krista - Poppyprint

Come to think of it, I've never uttered the words "I've always wanted a yoyo quilt". I think it's because I worry about the staying power (durability) of the yoyo's. I'll enjoy watching your's come together and reading your thought on it!


I had a yo-yo quilt in college (or rather, I borrowed my mom's). I think she found it at a garage sale, and I slowly but surely reattached all the loose yo-yo-connections. I normally take knitting or crochet camping, but this might be a great way to relocate fabric from my overflowing scrap box.

diane stanley

I've always wanted to make a yo-yo quilt, but can't commit to it right now. I'll be watching how yours progresses.

Ann Marie

i might join along in this one, not sure. i have 26 more BIG yo-yo's to do to finish my monkey i started in february when my husband had colon cancer surgery, so i want to finish this one by the end of the month for his bday.


I've always wanted to make a Yo yo quilt, but the thought of making all those yo yo's has intimidated me. You're very brave.
I've got 900 hexagons made tho, still need a few more to finish my project with them.


I love yo yo's and have made dozens and dozens of them. They are in big pickle jars in my sewing room. Very pretty to display that way.


I'm having a lot of trouble with just going out and camping here in CO. I'm used to the CA way of permits and passes etc so I'm a little daunted by the idea of just heading out.

Glynis Cozza

I'm in. Already started ...
21 yo-yos so dear in the box, 21 yo-yos so dear; add one more, then 4x4 squares, 21 yo-yos so dear in the box...
You know I had to make a song of it!
Only 987 more!! Yeehawww!


I need to finish the one I started a long time ago, so I am in! I am at the joining together phase when it becomes not so portable.:) I can't wait to see yours!


i'm not into yo-yo's...yet. i may get there after seeing more of yours. i'll just be behind the curve :)

Anna M

I love making yo-yos...sometimes I stitch them while watching tv. Count me in for the yo-yo along! :)

Leslie Legros

Sounds like a great stash breaker!
I'll go find a group of fatquarters that I think will be perfect!
Take care, Leslie

Robyn of Coffee and Cotton

I'm in! Perfect use of my scraps and great to do while sitting outdoors.


Penny...I'm so with you!! ALready have my 60mm YoYo maker...and will be following along! My yoyo quilt will be made with 30's fabric. My husband and I literally just sent our youngest off to college and in the same day bought an 18 foot trailer to start camping and hiking again!!! (We also kayak!) Thanks for the inspiration!
Val in Oregon :)


Go for it! I've been working on my yoyos for too long now. I'm almost done though and now I need to decide how I'm going to do the quilt. I'll look forward to seeing how yours takes shape!


I've made a few yo-yos before. I'm thinking of covering the center of a chubby dresden with yo-yo's. wouldn't that be cute?!


I started making yo yo's about the same time you started. I'm up to about 150 doing it in between life happenings. Thanks to your math, I guess I know how many to 'shoot' for :)


If I hadn't have started my raindrop quilt for my portable I would have been all over this.

I'll check back on the progress.


I love the look of yo-yos, but have never tried to actually make them...maybe it's time!

Joan Callaway

Darn it! I just promised myself I wouldn't start any new swaps or quilt-alongs, but I have ALWAYS wanted to make a yo-yo coverlet. And I DO need a new handwork project. I'm in!


Give me 3 weeks to move and then I'm in. Are you making a scrap one or coordinated?? I don't have a yo-yo maker but I saw a JoAnns coupon around here somewhere.


I wish I'd seen this post earlier today! I was just up at Joann's this evening and they had all quilting supplies (rulers, pencils, rotary cutters and even Clover YoYo makers) for 50% off. I was trying to think of an excuse for buying a yoyo maker. Guess I'll just have to head back up there!


Thanks so much for the portable sewing project. I haven't made yoyo's since my grandma and I used to make them. She had a coverlet on her bed. I found the clover yoyo makers on sale at JoAnn's today at 40% off. Came home and cut out some circles and got going. Great project to carry along. I think I am hooked and in for the summer.


hi, i love the thought of a yo-yo along! I have an old pic from a quilt mag that i like so maybe i will do that design and yo-yo along with everyone...just have to find the 60mm yo-yo maker...i have everyone except that one lol !


i would love to yoyo along! i showed this to a friend of mine and she wants to do it too. sounds like fuhuuuun.


I just come to know about yo-yo Along from Catherine - The Sewing Attic. It sound fun and what a better way to clear all my scraps. Maybe I should try...hope I'm not too far behind.


I have joined your yoyo along. I have about 200 of the little ones made but am making 45mm from blues, greens and browns. Did you see the American Patchwork and Quilting front cover sometime in the last year with all the yoyos sewed onto strips of green fabric? May be a great way to go - I think it was actually quilt as you go. It's somewhere in my sewing room....

Bernadine C

I just added your button to my blog, I have started a little yo-yo collection myself and this will keep me going :) Thanks Bernine

joan boyce

I am making an American flag. I have made a texas one already

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