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14 July 2011


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I just discovered Amy this week! Love her stuff. I wish her shop was down the road a'piece, but I'd probably be broke if it was!

Patricia with ZiaMariaDesigns

I was hopping 'down the road a'piece' and discovered your blog post about a wonderful giveaway. I love Amy's newest pattern and tee towel, so much fun.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

I'm a Minnesotan through and through. I only live down the road a'piece from where I grew up! Love your collection and how they go with the towel inspiration.


Thanks for introducing Amy's tea towel print, lovely...
I am coming from a far far away country to leave a comment in this blog. Although it's could be few miles apart but with the Internet technology, it's just like walking down the road a'piece' difference..


I've been eyeing Amy's prints for a while now. If I could, I'd just go down the road a'piece to pick some up.

... lame, I know, but its the best I could do so early in the AM. Thanks for the giveaway!


Loving that collection of pans and whatnot, along with that lovely tea towel. I think I may walk down the road a'piece and see if I can find some of that ware in a retro shop in my town!

jodi meenan

I would love to be able to use that towel down the road a piece! Thanks for the chance


I've been dreaming about a time 'down the road a'piece' when we get to renovate our kitchen ... wouldnt one of those tea towels looks just grand! :) thanks.


Love collecting Catherineholm! My favorite!! Wish the thrift store down the road a'piece would have some! :)

These towels are awesome!


Wow that would be so much fun! If I were to win I could tell all my friends that "down the road a'piece" is where you can get some yourself!


So sweet! I would definitely travel down the road a'piece to get some goodies like this!


Those are absolutely adorable!!! They bring back many memories of days that have gone down the road a'piece. You are going to love decorating with them.

Deserae Fiedler

I would love to win down the road a'piece

Jackie Pacitti

If I win this I would make them Down the road a'piece!


Wicked cool purchase, Penny. Wish she was just "down the road a'piece" from me. She's got a real gift for novel.


'Down the road a bit' my daughter is getting married this weekend. Wouldn't Amy's towels look beautiful in a new bride's kitchen...Yep I think so! Thanks!


I actually live down the road a bit. I live outside the city limits os a small town, population 2500. I am a lone farmhouse surrounded by fields.

Pam Sizemore

I love the block pattern, but it would be "down the road a piece before I would have time to make it. Thanks for a chance to win it1


Down the road a piece when I have a bit more sewing time, I'd love to spend some it working on paper piecing. I love the tea towel.


Down the road a' piece (or two or three) of this fabric line will be mine! I actually have some in orange, now I need to add blue and yellow! I love Amy's work! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

Samantha K.

These towels look amazing. They remind me of my Grandma’s kitchen when we lived down the road a’piece from them when I was growing up, what wonderful memories. I’d also love to make the tea kettle pattern down the road a’piece as well.

diane stanley

I would love to give this tea kettle pattern a try "down the road a piece" when I have finished all the projects that are stacked on my sewing/dining room table.


Since I discovered you live not quite down the road a piece, but in the same state as me, I've had a bit more affection for CO. It must be good if it's got Sew Take a Hike!

Amy Pruden

I was just about to ride my bike down the road a'piece and then I read your blog post. Ack! What adorable enamelware and that paperpiecing pattern and tea towel are right up my 70's decorating alley! Love that it inspired you to go hog wild in the collecting department. It's always one little thing that does that too me.


I love it.


oh fun! I just moved and am in need of new towels to coordinate with this kitchen. Plus I have good luck with your giveaways Penny... So come on random generator!!


When I lived in Georgia thast was standard directions. Go over yonder and down the road a'piece. Ibought a map!

Kathie B

I live down the road a'piece from our local fabric shop but haven't seen this cute fabric or anything quite as cute!! Would love to win!


After being away for 3 weeks, I can't wait to get back to my sewing machine! But I'm afraid that may be down the road a piece because I really should unpack, do laundry, buy some food & pick up the mail for starters!


I read Amy's blog, and all her work puts *stars* in my eyes! You are closing the comment on my birthday... I wish you and Amy just lived down the road a piece so we could get together for a spot o' tea and and birthday cupcake, or two.


Your blog has been my day's eye-candy and inspiration...my time for quilting has been few and far between, with 3 children and a new house, but I do not plan to leave it down the road a'piece! I hope the week's end will bless me with a teakettle tea towel to tie the time 'til I stitch agin!


When I was a little girl on our farm in Saskatchewan, I would tuck my doll under my arm and walk or bike down the road a'piece to have tea parties with the kids at the neighbouring farm. We would set up a teeny tea set on a teeny kid sized table with fancy linens ... with chairs for our dollies, too ... and their Mom would make us teeny sandwiches and cakes and we would use lemonade (for tea). Sometimes we would "dress up" first with gloves and hats and high heels from the "dress up trunks" our Moms kept for us.

Then the next day those kids would walk or bike down the road a'piece to our farm and my Mom would prepare an equally dazzling tea party display!

What fun!

Dawn W

If I went down the road a'piece, where would I find some of those darling towels? Looks just like summer!


These items bring back childhood memories! It makes me feel like I've been "down the road a piece" too long!


Down the road a'piece from my home is the fab space where my mod guild meets every other month, and my guild peeps will love this fabric too. I will share with them if I'm the lucky winner. Thanks to both of you!


What a fantastic haul- Amy's design is so spot on and I love the yellow pan you have too! Down the road a'piece is a sewing machine shop where mine gets its mending done! Lucky to be so close!


Sometimes when I travel down the road a'piece to visit boy child, I stop in at a thrift store and hope beyond hope to find some vintage cookware. Wouldn't one of these tea towels look great with my bargains?? Great blog! Thanks for the give-away!

Carol W.

I am writing this down the road a'piece from the end of mainland Scotland. Next stop USA! Love the fabric. My Mum had a kettle like that when i was growing up. Thanks for the memories.

Billie K

I'm working in the phrase "down the road a'piece"....grin....I should go down the road a piece and get some exercise, but it's toooo hot.


I have been following you and Amy for a short while. I love both of your stuff and told myself that down the road a piece, I could buy some of those towels.


Down the road a'piece is a beautiful park which I gaze at while drying my dishes with a not quite so lovely tea towel as this one!
thanks for the chance to win.


I'm off down the road a'piece next week to Ireland! I'm hoping for some dry weather and plenty of walking!!
Love the tea towels and Amy's great pieced pattern!!


I love anything by Amy, so I wish she lived down the road a'piece. It would be much more convenient!


Love Amy's pattern and towels. I'm down the road a'piece to California and knowing I won these items would make my trip better.


These fabulous towels put stars in my eyes too!
When the tea kettle starts whistling on the gas ring and the muffins are fresh out of the oven, I'm sure that I would only have to go down the road a piece to find the same scene being played out in the next retro kitchen :)
Thanks for the chance to win!


I can visualize down the road a'piece the postman bringing me the towel and pattern and making and puttung stars in my eyes (:
Thank you for the chance to win and thank you Amy for your generosity.


boogie woogie Penny! just tuning up..la la la la ...here we go...just for you in my bestest singing voice ...

"...Well there's a place you really get your kicks
It's open every night about twelve to six
Now if you wanna hear some boogie you can get your fill
And shove and sting like an old steam drill
Come on along you can lose your lead
Down the road, down the road, down the road a'piece..."

Love Amy's work & love your recent treasure haul!

Nancy Peach

My problem Penny is that Amy is just "down the road a'piece" and I keep checking out her shop....(thank goodness she doesn't have a brick and mortar shop) LOL!!!! I just love all the things in her shop....and Penny, I love your patterns and tutorials too!!! I guess I will have to wait until the winner is picked....I may win and won't have to but the blue version I was going to buy!!! Wish me luck!!!


I was doing the blog hop "down the road a piece" and came across your blog. So I decided to stop by and say "hi".


Loving those tea towels! We have an antique market down the road a'piece and I'm constantly looking for old pots!

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