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11 July 2011


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lauree myler

thats awesome. you look so adorable with that hat and those super snazzy pants!

lauree myler

err i mean she looks cute and snazzy!


I must show my husband this!!! and maybe my son too!


Smart thinking!

Rachel at Stitched in Color

how cool!


Can you imagine!!!!!!!


WOW, so funny! Would love to see it in person. LOL

Sarah C.

I tell you what, that is true love!!!


I have 3 kids. This might work.
I joined your yoyo along. I am using the much bigger blue Clover yoyo maker. I am impatient. I think I only need to make 300.


super idea!!!


COOL!! if i had one of those, my husband and i coud do somehting together!

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