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18 August 2011


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I don't know how to get stink off of cat...but I love that picture! Is that your cat?


Hi Donna,
Yep. That's our cat Fozzy and his rubber duck. He likes to carry it around and drop it in his water dish. He's a little smarty pants!


I have a wonderful formula...with 6 dogs and 17 acres, we have had our experiences, but you still have to at least sponge the cat with the liquid. Just in case you are willing to try....1 qt 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, 1/4c baking soda, 1t. Dawn dishwashing soap. I do believe Dawn makes a difference but others don't. Good Luck! Toni


Oh dear - can't help you but thinking of you! Oh dear - maybe a peg for your nose?


I always heard tomato juice...thankfully, I don't really know!

Rachel B.

When our cat got sprayed by a skunk, the vet told us to wash her with toothpaste. It worked. Good luck.


EEK! There's a product at the pet store you can get - you'd have to wet a washcloth and put it on him. We've used it with great success but for the life of me I can't remember the name of it.

Congrats to the winner!

Jean Soderberg (JellyBean-Jean)

Follow Toni,s idea with the Dawn/baking soda/peroxide...that's the best!


doesn't tomato juice work?


That's one cute stinky cat!..


I have heard tomato juice works....good luck! However, I love the photo!!

Leslie Legros

Hi! Did you try Wood's liquid soap?
It is the liquid soap used in a commercial to clean church pews. It is concentrated. Our dog got a full face and front body spray, big dog, lots of fur. Our vet recommended it and it worked! I used a wet facecloth, just pored it on the cloth, then rubbed it over areas hit by the skunk. Then I was able to get our dog to go into the water so we could wash off the soap. Unfortunately, you will have to wash your cat, no matter what you use.
skunk scent is oily, so you will have to use an oily substance to dilute and then get rid of the smell. Good luck!
Take care, Leslie
Take care, Leslie


Oh NO!!! Poor kitty -- he probably knows he stinks too. And look at all those great suggestions you got!


congrats to the winner!
Sorry to hear about Fozzy ~ awful smell, skunk is. Hope he survives the bath. Love the photo tho ~


Can't help with that sorry - we don't have skunks in Australia! Best of luck!


I have heard that rinsing them with tomato juice works well! Good luck!


The only thing I know of is tomato juice, and you have to wash the cat...

Great pic!


-but how do you get tomato juice stains off a cat... ? Sorry, couldn't resist asking! I see you have got several suggestions - hope one of them works!

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