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21 September 2011


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I LOVE my Aurifil.. I use the 50 wt for piecing... It never occurred to me to use the heavier weight for quilting. It looks great!

Mary Smith @ Quilt Genius

I have never used Aurifill before. I tend to use Gutterman and/or King Tut threads for quilting. :)

iammaryburke @ gmail.com


I'd love to try this! Lately I've been using Essential cotton thread.


I'm a bad quilter - I don't use any particular thread, and it shows in my frustration over threads breaking in the machine.

I'd love to try out some Aurifil! Thanks for the chance.


Love your hand quilting projects, hexies are especially near and dear to my heart!

Please include me in your Aurifil giveaway, there isn't any available in my area yet and have been dying to give it a whirl!


Heather K

I typically use Gutterman. Lately, I'v paid keen attention to posts on thread. I can see that it really can make such a difference. Eager to try some Auifil!


Lately, I've been using what I have: mettler, essential threads, YLI soft touch, and Masterpiece. Love the thinner threads for machine and hand piecing.


I use the orange cone Aurifil exclusively for piecing and have done some quilting with it. It's fabulous! I'd love to be entered to win1


I use Gutterman, but would love to try this!


I usually use what is on hand - either Coats or Guetermann, but I've heard such fabulous things about Aurifil and would love to try it out! Especially since I"m working on building up my hand quilting courage to give it a go for the first time!


I use Gutermann thread. Hopefully I'll get a chance to try out the Aurifil! ;)

Robin F

I use Gutermann for everything. I have tried the Aurifil 50 wt and like it a lot but I'm jonesing to try some of the other varieties. Thanks for the chance to win!!

Elizabeth D. @ Don't Call Me Betsy

Yum!! I've always wanted to try Aurifil, but never find it in my LQS! So far, I've only used Gutermann and Mettler threads...


My sewing machine is soooo picky on thread. And the only one that runs through it with no issues is Coats & Clark. The cheap stuff. But I will also admit that I have not tried too many more expensive ones for fear ti would be a waste of my money.


It is hard for me to find Aurifil locally but I love it! I have a HUGE spool that I use for piecing---haven't seen it in other weights. Once this spool is gone, I will return to Guttermann for piecing and LA quilting. Thanks for offering this "give away".


Gutterman - but more than willing to try the Aurafil. I tried YLI hand quilting and had to rip it all out after one block. Thanks for your generousity.

Lynn Brown

So far I've only used Gutterman. I've heard great things about Aurifil & have wanted to try it.

Carbonated Creations

My Bernina is finicky and will only take Gutterman and Mettler. But my lovely old Brother will take anything and everything. However I've never had a chance to try Aurifil. I guess I haven't been too brave in the use of new threads but would like to change that. I think a quilter's thread stash should be as huge as her fabric stash!


I have recently switched to aurifil 50 wt. I'd love to try their other sizes. They only have 50 wt at my local shop. - and not very many colors of that.


I have always used Gutterman thread mostly due to the ease of availability. If I run out it's so easy to run to Joanns for more. I have really been wanting to try this thread though as one of my LQS (on the other side of towb) carries it in almost every color.


I normally quilt with DMC Perle 8, but I've been sampling some other threads recently to change to look and feel. I also pre-wash all my quilts and fabrics like a pair of jeans! My son vomited pesto ravioli out of his nose all over his quilt last Friday, so I need to make'em tough ;)

lauree myler

gutterman has been my usual... but lately i have been having some problems and with all the hype around the aurifil have been wanting to try it out... although haven't seen it in town yet.

thanks for a chance!


I've never tried Aurifil, but I'd love to see what it's like! I typically use Gutermann since it's easy to find, and has great colors.


I have used 50 wt. Auriful but it is hard to find locally. It is my favorite however I do use Gutterman often because it is easy to find. Thanks for a chance...I would love to try different weights.


I am a Superior thread gal. Going to try Aurifil!


I use either Gutterman or Mettler usually. Its mostly convenience but they both do well. I"m getting ready to make a quilt for the BF for his birthday though and love the look of that heavier thread in the machine quilting.

Jessica Millson

Honestly ? The cheapest white I can find. I know, I know.


I use Aurifil 50 for piecing and machine quilting, and I hand quilt with perle cotton :-)


Thanks for the giveaway. i usually use Guttermann or Connecting Threads Essential cotton thread for piecing and quilting.

Patti Parks

I have to admit I am a Gutterman Gal but am open to new ideas and would love to try these! Your new quilt looks great!!

Ann Marie

My machine loves Gutterman thread, so that is what I use.


Love your quilt! I also use gutterman, but have nothing but good things about aurifil-I'd love to try it! Thanks. kbzelazny@gmail.com


Luckily my machine seems to like everything for straigh-line quilting, so I've used Gutermann, Superior, King Tut, and Connecting Threads. I'm almost afraid to try the Aurifil and get hooked on it!

Janet Davitt Yatska

coats and clark usually.


I use a lot of Gutterman, but I have recently been using Aurifil and I like it, too. It just depends on 1. What I have on hand and 2. What is on sale and 3. What works best for the quilt.


I use cotton thread from the Hema (a Dutch shop). I would love to try Aurifil thread, since I have heard a lot about it and after reading your experience. I have never heard of thread being mixed with wool for sewing.
I live in the Netherlands, but will be in the States (CA) in November, so if I win I would love you to send it there (o:

Katie B

I normally use Gutermann, but it hasn't been agreeing with my machine lately so I'm looking for something new!

Jody Crawford

I must admit that I just keep trying to use up what I have on hand. In truth, a lot of it should just be thrown out. But this Aurofil wool really looks interesting -- since I have a wool suit fabric quilt in the works, I'll probably want to get some of this for the quilting.


I use the 50 weight cotton for quilting (Aurifil). I love it. Thanks


I use Gutterman or Coats & Clark because it's what my budget can afford (and I can either use coupons or pick up a couple spools when Joann's runs their 50% off thread sales)

Carol LaBella

I am just getting back to quilting again since retiring and just using up all my old thread which is mostly Coats & Clark. I would so love to try Aurifil thread before buying. Love the thicker thread look on your quilt. In fact, I love that pattern and will make it with bright colors for my grandson.


I’m still hoping that my local shops will bring in Aurifil. One did, but only brought in 28wt! I did love that for machine quilting a recent project, but I don’t usually have use for plain white quilting thread.

I usually use Gütermann, mostly because it’s available at the box stores and is often on sale or I have a 40/50% coupon. Some Aurifil 50wt is on my wish list/christmas list so that I can try piecing with it.

Lisa LeBlanc

I found Aurafil last fall at Houston festival and love the 50wt for piecing. I wont use anything else from now on! Lisa in Texas


I've used Aurifil for hand piecing and liked it. I've ued a lot of King Tut - love the colors and it doesn't lint much. I'd love to try the Aurifil for machine piecing.

Betty Ayers

I generally use Gutermann or King Tut, but love Aurifil varigated and would really like to try some solids!


i heart guntermans


I LOVE Aurifil 50 wt! It's the only thread I use! My Pfaff is very happy with Aurifil, too!

Jasmine G

I use whatever I can find. Ha, we kind of live in the middle of nowhere so my options are limited to whatever the tiny fabric store has in a color thats acceptable.


I use several brands. Just depends on the project -- Aurifil, Gutterman, Presecia, Superior, Wonderfil, and YLI.

I'm a HUGE thread junkie.

I love Aurifil, esp the 50 wt mako cotton. It's a great piecing thread. I've learned that the thinner thread works best for piecing. Seams are more accurate and don't roll. And the variegated stuff? Divine!


I'm embarrassed to say that I use whatever thread is on hand for everything I sew. If my friends knew that they'd give me heck (teehee).
I'd love to give the Aurifil a try!
thanks for the giveaway!

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