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12 September 2011


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this summer i took a nice long break and visited my extended family, many of whom i haven't seen in over a decade.


My dream summer trip would be a long drive from our house and head West, stopping at all the famous sites, like Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, etc. We'd have to have a camper, because DH doesn't like to leave the comfort of home!

Robin F

My most favorite thing this summer was a week-long stay-cation and visit from my niece and nephew!


My favorite thing I did this summer was enjoy the sun. It seems like I had been busy the past two summers with wedding planning and trips, that I never was able to enjoy the sun. Thanks!!!


My favorite thing this summer was taking a week off work and spending it with my toddler. It was so much fun getting to spend all that time with him, and doing some activities in our city that we don't normally get to do.


I've tried many times to win the Go Baby LOL. Who knows this time ...
I'm looking forward to go to Mexico to visit our daughter in December. That will be our 'summer' vacation (o:


We didn't do much this summer, but my favorite would have to be a day trip to the beach, at Assateague Island. Any day at the beach is a good day!


I enjoyed spending time with my kids.


I've wanted to take a summer lake vacation for years - one of these days I'll finally get there! :)


Dream summer trip would be a week at the beach.

Lynda H

This has been a rough year for me, but the one bright spot in my summer is the month I spent in Alaska helping my daughter with the triplets born July 9th. Beautiful healthy babies, two girls and a boy. Wish they lived closer.


I went to the beach in NC with a big group of friends - it was a great time!

Thanks for the chance :)


I hosted a quilt camp at my house -- five days of sewing and piecing and quilting with friends. thanks for the chance at the Go!

karen peachey

We had a wonderful family camping trip in july & i'm heading to the beach with my sisters tomorrow to finish out my summer vacations!

nicke cutler

fun! i think my dream vacation would be to go to italy with my husband. eat pasta and gelato.


You are so lucky. I love that trip through the canyon - that whole area is beautiful. My favorite trip this year was a long weekend to Deadwood SD with the BF for a car show. He took time from his beloved cars to offer up a side trip to me. We spent part of a day seeing the dead presidents and the crazy horse monument. And then swung up to Devil's Tower. All stuff I'd seen before but it was fun to see with him and our first real trip together. Wonderful time.


This summer I made three separate trips to Colorado and each one was a favorite for different reasons. Such a beautiful State! We will be there again many times over the next four years as our daughter is going to school in Colorado Springs.


Amusingly enough, my favorite thing we did this summer was also a whitewater rafting trip, but ours was on the Elwha River in the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. We went with our friends and their two kids, and it was a great time!


the best part of this summer was visiting the US to attend my husband's nephew's wedding. It was the first time I had met the family, and we had such a great time

Shelley C

THis summer was a time of visitors nearly every month, and summer was over before I knew it. Hubby has a farm along with his regular work, so our summers are for making hay; we don't get vacations till after Nov.
I would love an ocean cottage escape and just laze about for a month!

Kathie B

This summer we painted our house. It was a job my husband would have thought was an accomplishable undertaking before. As you get older this house seems to have grown. Anyway our adult daughters and fellas volunteered to give us the help we needed to finish. We set up a campground in the backyard. It was soooo fun and they said it was almost like a true camping trip (eating outside, making smores, card games and lawn games) and the house got painted. Thank you to our kids and see how it works out in 20 more years!!!

Archie the wonder dog

Great photos! My favourite thing was cuddling my newborn niece (and her big sister!) and then a few days later hearing my best friend's new baby making cute noises over the phone!!


Spending family time this summer was wonderful; we usually vacation in the fall. We plan to go up through New England to enjoy the fall colors. Thanks for the chance to be entered for the GO!


WOW!! It really looks like you had a wonderful time! Those pictures are so vivid and beautiful!

I didn't really do too much this summer. My daughter graduated from high school and has now transferred on to a university. This alone cost more than imagined and didn't allow for too many extra fun trips.

My dream vacation is to England. I would love to tour England to visit all of the old castles from the Victorian age.

Thank you for hosting this lovely giveaway and thank you to Accuquilt for sponsoring!! :)


Oooh, another chance to win one of these - I have tried on so many blogs lately :)

This summer, we drove 24 hours (over 3 days, mind you) to take our boys to Disneyland for the first time and it was awesome. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Great memories of family time together.

joelle lambert

I got to go to visit my sister on Chesapeake by- boating, reading, generally relaxing with no TV, no computer and no sewing machine.


The best thing I did this summer was to spend time with my families & friends! Brought kids to poolside and beach so often and organized get-togethers with all our loved ones!


My favorite summer activity was a short, but fun, visit from my daughter who lives in SC. It just so happens, that if I win, the Go Baby is going to her!


My favorite thing about summer was the week-long trip home, with enough time to play "cool aunt" and take each of my nieces and nephews for a day. And my anniversary with my wonderful Hubs. Its a toss up, but don't tell him I said that!

Paulette Doyle

I would have to say Hiking...we hiked some remarkable West Coast trails with spectacular views! Thanks for the chance to win the Baby!


I spent a LOT of time sewing with my two girls over the summer. They are teens, with one very close to leaving the nest, so the time was very precious to me. Thanks for the chance to win one of these great tools :)


My dream trip would have been to spend a week around Northern Idaho somewhere. Maybe next year. Thanks for the giveaway!

Paula Stuplich

What a fun week-end you had! Some day I will try that.
The best and most exciting part of my summer was the marriage of my son. It was in our yard and it was beautiful. So exciting, to see him step into this next milestone in his life.
Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. Good luck to all.


My summer was good but I think my autumn will be better!
My favourite thing was no alarm clocks. Seriously I hate those things!!


We spent 10 glorious days in Maui - exploring new-to-us towns and relaxing in the sun. Heavenly!


My dream summer vacation would be an Alaskan cruise.


we spent a lot of time outside this summer, the kids are both old enough to handle the elements, we made time to walk in the rain, jump in the puddles and build sand castles in the back yard...no vacation, but lots of time with my babies...great summer memories!


We didn't get an away vacation this year. I'm not much on car travel b/c we're always on a schedule and can't stop and take it easy which means we spend 11 hours in the car a day. I would love to head west and see the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone and the Black Hills, etc. Maybe take a whole month to do it, leisurely.


My dream summer would be to visit Alaska - I have a friend there that I have only "met" via the internet! This summer has been rough since I got laid off in May and haven't found another job yet, but it has been a blessing in many ways, since I have been able to work on some items for our church craft fair!


Hi Penny!
My favorite trip this summer was a weekend trip my hubby and I took to San Francisco. We road the Amtrack train there (on hubbies wish list for ages) and once there we road the trolley, street car, MUNI and BART. We had a great time exploring the piers, sampling all the fresh seafood, shopping the arts and crafts market, visiting Giridelli square and ofcourse hitting a quilt shop! It was such a fun and beautiful city. I hope to do it again someday.


I went to Switzerland with my daughter who's three years old and brought her to the lake I used to swim in as a child. It was so much fun to see her splashing and laughing in the water with the mountain in the background.


I have been having ridiculous fun with our season tickets to the Sporting Kansas City soccer games. We've been going to a game a week almost, tailgating and sitting in the member stands where the fans are loudest!


We stayed home this summer because we are saving for our fantasy retirement to South Africa and Mozambique in May. So we did our traveling on the internet making plans for that trip. It was no sacrifice - Montana in the summer is glorious.


Great pics of your trip! My summer highlight was a holiday in Italy. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

kristine hanson

My hubs lost his job this summer, BUT everything is going to be ok! Because we all of a suddent had a lot of TIME together, which we had not in the last few years because of his job we surprised the kids with a trip to the Oregon Coast, stayed in our little trailer at an RV campground and had a BLAST. Best unplanned vacation ever :)


wonderful! Thanks for the opportunity. The best thing I did this summer was start working in a series with my art quilts; the focus has been invaluable in helping me move forward.


There were trips and picnics, but I must say, my favourite thing was the impromptu weekend together with my best friend and her family when they had to evacuate from NYC for hurricane Irene. We were very lucky to hardly get any rain, so it was just a cozy, unexpected weekend together!


GORGEOUS photos! Thanks for sharing! My favorite memory from this Summer was our family trip up to Idyllwild, CA for Bible Camp. It was amazing! Thanks for the chance to with the Go!Baby :)

Flavia M.W.

Hey Penny! What a nice giveaway... Well, this summer we went to Disney World in Florida! It was so much fun! And the best ride ever was the Roller Coaster (Aerosmith!). If you like looping etc, go for this one ;o)


We went to Snowbird ski resort with my family in June, we rode the tram up to the tip of the mountain and had a snowball fight.
Besides that we didn't do much, I've been busy all summer with art shows.

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