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08 September 2011


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what a fun project Penny!


I am well on my way to two delightful pillow covers ;) I am a touch behind to say the least. I might have 50!


Penny, I am soooo glad to hear this. I have my daughter's wedding October 1 and have so much sewing to get done for that. I have about 340 done now, but am happy for the extension. I promise to keep at it though.


I was wondering how it was going. I finally bought my yo-yo maker two weeks ago. I'm thinking I'll make a doll quilt, but even the numbers for that overwhelm me when I start calculating.


Very happy that you've extended the deadline Penny because I've only done about 50 too. Just struggling for time at the moment but still enjoying making them when I do.


Hi Penny, I have 988 yoyo's made and am currently sitting at 98% A break from making the yoyo's will be great and good timing as I have started a new projct so I can get stuck into it for a little while :o)


I am about 25 perCent done. But I am doing the bigger yoyos. I need to dig out some more scrap fabric. I've given so much away I am running out.


You are wise to take your time rather than rush. You will enjoy the project that much more!


I only have 63 done, I'm pretty far behind.


Animo,poco a poco se consigues las cosas.


I have a couple of hundred done. But the pushed off schedule will work great for me since I am a teacher and school just started.

Ann Marie

I am waaaaaaaaaaay behind. BUT, I am starting a job in a new building on Monday, and it is a little farther from home, so I more than likely won't be going home for lunch everyday, so I will have an hour to do what I want. It doesn't take too long to eat a sandwich, so I plan on yo-yo-ing everyday. Plan this weekend is to cut me out a lot of circles and get me a clear pouch to carry them in too.


THey are so pretty! I just bought a yo yo maker a month or so ago, they are so fun to make!


Hi Penny I had stopped on my yo-yos because I knew I would never even come close to having mine done by October so the November date is great. Now I just need to figure out how to get that progress bar on my blog, count mine, and keep going.


I have 500 yo-yo's done but I'm fine waiting until later for further instructions. I'm enjoying this part and have plenty to keep me busy until then. I'm ready when you are.


Today, here in Scotland, it is dull and wet. Your cheerful, sunny pile of yo-yo's really brightened my day :-) They are going to look stunning all sewn together!


I only have 130 yo yos done, so the November date is just great... It will help me to reach my target:} Thanks!!

Messy Karen

i really don't know how many i have. i was going to make my blocks. and then count my blocks. i know. anything to be different. not in a hurry. i still need to find more fabric to use.


Penny, your yo-yos look great!

As of yesterday, 9/8/11, my yo-yo count was 788.

The Nov. date is OK with me as I have other projects that I'm working on....so I won't feel at all pressured.


Jane in NC

I haven't even started but I did purchase the little gizmo to speed the yo-yo process along. Having made hundreds of them by hand in the '70's, I am thrilled that some clever soul thought it up and so many different shapes and sizes! Just keep on keeping on with it and don't allow yourself to be in a hurry or give time limits because it saps all the fun out of it. The beauty of this whole blog sharing is that we can all go back to it and share in the process whenever we get to it. I may end up making a pillow instead of a quilt or using some along a pillowcase border or whatever, I haven't decided yet but you have certainly brought back fond memories for me and I am caught up in the yo-yo process once again! Have fun with it and thank you!

Carrie in NC

I am working along-tell me-do you bar tack the round ones like you did on the flower coaster? Or do you do something else?


um....thank you! I am SO FAR BEHIND! With summer winding down and an investment exam (to become licensed) next week, I will hopefully have the time to make my remaining yoyo's. The amount done so far....80 out of 1008...don't hate me! :)


I have about 600 made but am too busy with other pressing project right now to get back at them again until after Christmas. I, too, only ever plan on making one of these and so want to get it right. I look forward to your next steps for my future reference.

Maureen Cracknell

I love making yo-yos and I LOVE your Catherineholm!!!


I'm amazed that you found time for 400! Wow - it will be worth it when you finished it though...


I love this idea! I was at a antique store a couple months ago and fell in love with a vintage yoyo quilt that was for sale there. $200 was way to much for me to pay(I realize now it was a steal) I decided to join your yoyo along after some research. I was planning on making two coverlets for my daughters bed in time for Christmas. Lol, yeah I am a bit behind with everything else is on my plate :) but I am glad you are pushing back the date!!!! Yay back to yoyo making ;)


I haven't even started hahaha -- I have to finish my first yoyo quilt first. Looks like you're having fun though!

Samantha K.

Oh that makes me happy you are extending it! I did so good at keeping up until I had projects to do for birthdays and new arrivals that took priority. I'm at 300 done and hope to get back to working on them more!!


I have 782 yo-yos done! But I am behind on my summer bowtie blocks. No problem extending the deadline. :)

susan riddell

hi penny, i was going great,, making about 20 a night in front of tv. Then i went back to finishing my african flower blanket ..which i have now finished i'm happy to say. ...but then i started my ist ripple blanket but will try to do one night of each to get my total of yoyos up abit...so far i have only made about300, i will plug away at these as i so want to do this quilt. thanks for the inspiration sue


As of tonight I have 328 of them done. My problem is that I'm running out of cloth in the right colors!

Personally I've got no problem with an extended deadline. :)


I LOVE your extended date!!! that helps me tons...I was feeling bad because I started late when you first started the yo yo along and then life just kept getting in the way...I think I have 47 done...I am proud of those 47 too!

Cathy Johnson

I saw a beautiful velvet yo-yo pillow in a magazine this week. Stitch I think. I plan to make one of those for sure!


hello! i am currently @ 970 yoyos! 38 more to go!!! go me, eh??

Jenny Archibald

I am now done!!! 1008 yoyos completed!!!

Jenny Archibald

ps: JennyTheArtist & Jenny Archibald are one in the same person. ^_^

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