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18 October 2011


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Kate R

I remember making these when I was younger! (Although it was probably more my mother making them and me making a mess!) I love them :) Thanks for the easy tutorial.


Thats so clever! Wonder if I can get my man to drink up a few beers...lol


What a great idea, thanks for sharing!

Lisa Marie

Cute idea. My son and his college buddies collected beer bottle caps for years and made an entire tabletop out of them. It's pretty amazing, but a trivet is more my speed.

Gudrun Ryberg

Clever and a wonderful idea!!


Wow! What a great idea! I really love this!
It would make a great gift!
Thanks for sharing!


Cute and wonderful idea.Thanks for sharing!

Joyce Mitchell

Thanks for the great going green tutorial. And thanks for the giveaway.


What a great idea! and very 'do-able'! I'll have to start saving bottle tops (or ask for some at the local pub!)


What a clever idea! I must try this, it's so cute! Thanks for the tutorial and the giveaway
ap_lemos at yahoo dot com


My grandmother used to make these. Good memories.

Elizabeth D. @ Don't Call Me Betsy

Penny, you are so darned creative!!! This is such a cool gift idea!


Such a great idea! These are adorable. Thanks for the tutorial!


What a great idea! These must be twist-off caps? They look very flat. Thanks for the tutorial!

Rhonda aka Quilter in The Gap

I love this idea. I have a ton of bottle caps saved for "something". thank you so much for giving me something to do with them.


What a neat idea, I may just give it a try!

Naomi Vela

What a 'trivetting' tutorial! Seriously though, great re-use of the bottle caps. Hugs Naomi


Thanks for the great giveaway!

Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts

So cute Penny! I love this idea! Thanks so much for being a part of the blog hop. :)

Silke Scheller

What a tricky idea to recycle bottle caps!
Greetings from Silke from Germany

Linda Winters

Thank you for a great tutorial! I had completely forgotten about these. This is a great time to be reminded.


Very fun - I've never made yo-yo's & had seen 2 projects for them RECENTLY - a sign??


Environmentally friendly, useful and cute. Fantastic.


neat idea! i would have never thought to use bottle caps like this!


Oh, how cool is this!!! What an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!!!

Dee Johnson

Cleaver idea - thank you so much for the tutorial. Fun project to do with grandkids:)

Becky M

Those are really cute, now I need to find some bottle caps! Thanks for sharing.


Well now, how clever is that? I would be worried that the fabric would get something spilled on it and ruined but that's just my slightly OCD side coming out, LOL. That's really neat though, thanks for sharing!


This is adorable!!! I have to make one :)


Now I know what to do with all those beer bottle caps that we get when we have company. Now I need a clever, quilty way to recycle wine corks.

Liz Taylor

Very cool. I have my own collection of bottle caps too!


What a fun project - thanks for the tutorial and inspiration


Great idea. These are so cute. Thanks.

Carol C

Very cute. What a great way to recycle. Thanks for the tutorial.

Kathy Zelazny

So cute! Thanks for the great idea!

Sarah C.

What a cute idea! I bet my granddaughter (age 4) and I could make these together....


Love this trivet idea - Thank you for the opportunity to win. Judy C


What a clever idea and neat way to repurpose pop caps. Thanks for the tutorial and chance to win.

Jenna Maine

Such a great project!

Laura Jane

Wow! Such a clever idea! And I love your fabric choices :-)


Very clever!!


Thanks for the tutorial! very cool. :)

Sandy N.

What a great idea! My MIL uses trivets like crazy and this would be an awesome gift for her. Thanks for the idea and the opportunity to win!=)

marcia k

Well now that is Darn cute! Now to get DH out of the habit of folding his beer caps in half before throwing them in the trash.. hmmm re-training a man.. that may be the hard part.


This is such an awesome idea, I am totally making a couple for this year!!


Nice way to recycle and have something useful and cute. Thanks for the how-to.


I remember this type of trivet from my childhood--it was purple crochet and fashioned into the shape of grapes with green crocheted leaves. wow! what a fantastic update!!


great tutorial! thanks!


i would have never thought to use bottle caps like that Penny! love this idea! now...need to find some bottle caps!


VERY cute Penny! I need to make one -- it would add some color to my kitchen! (Ooops, these are supposed to be ideas for GIFTS LOL!)

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