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18 October 2011


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Tara S

This is genius! I would have never thought to do this. Can't wait to try it out!

Madelaine Lyons

So cute! I may need to stitch some of these up for the boyfriend's parents... and siblings... and possibly some of my cousins too. Better hit the ginger beer ;)


Thanks for such an original tutorial. It is so different and a great way to recycle as well as use little scraps of fabric.

Julie in WA

When I was in fourth grade, we did this exact project as Christmas presents for our mothers! Except we glued the caps down onto a piece of wood. I made a strawberry and a cluster of grapes. I wonder what ever happened to them......


What an ingenious idea! I love the fabrics you used and really want to try this soon. Thanks for sharing it with us (and the giveaway too).

Thearica Burroughs

I have just purchased a ton of bottle caps off of Ebay to make myself a bottle cap tote.. hmmmm.. Now you give me a new idea of how to use them!


Very cute! My mom always used these trivets when I was a kid, and I think it would be fun to make one for her.

Nicole Gray

Hmmmm, I need an excuse to drink some bottles now.


What a cute idea! It is also a great way to use up some scraps that I can never throw away.

Desiree @ Wee Share

clever idea-- thanks for sharing it! :)


cute idea. Thanks for the chance to win!

Lindsay F

Very cute! I am loving all of these ideas

renee G

This is a cute project, although my family doesn't buy items that have bottlecaps very often.


So cute! What a fun use of bottlecaps.

Kathy MacKie

Now that is pretrty darn cute, good job. Thanks so much for sharing your talent and including s giveaway as well.

Virginia L.

I knew there had to be a use for all those bottle caps!


That is really, really cool. I have a friend that would love this!!


fun! my daughter has been "collecting" bottlecaps - maybe i can convince her to use some for a gift!

Jennifer Gail

I love it.


What a fun and unique idea! I'm definitely going to have to make one of these- just for the novelty of it :)


What a fun and unique idea! I'm definitely going to have to make one of these- just for the novelty of it :)

Quilty Jen

Such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

Lauren Marks

I love how you recycled something! Awesome, love it!

Dorothy Bare

This is so mod & cute!


Penny! We love Reed's Ginger Beer! Well, I do. Yummy. It's the perfect upset stomach rememdy.

So I never would have thought of doing something like this with the caps! It's so cute! love it pictured with your turquoise enamelware.


great idea. very fun. thanks for the tutorial.
and the sweet giveaway chance.

Tara K

Greate Tute! I love that it's recycling and it's using scraps! :)


cute idea, I remember my mom making something like that years ago

Outside Inspiration

A reason to be happy about my husband drinking more bottles of beer!!! Thank you!


I save bottlecaps, too. I can do this!


Please enter me <33333333 I would love some FQF spending $$ LOL! A girl can never have too much fabric.
Crystal at domesticbutnotmartha dot com


Greapt tutorial and a very generous giveaway. Many thanks!

Janet K

That is one of the coolest new things I've seen lately - thanks for sharing!

Jen B.

Time to start saving bottle caps, we could definitely use this!

Karen O

What a unique idea. The possibilities are endless out there for this - you could make different shapes with the bottle caps. Thank you!

Jodi G.

Oh this reminds me of Camp Fire Girls when I was younger. Thanks for the tutorial. This is a great craft that I can have the nephews help me with.

Thanks for the giveaway and a chance to win.



I love your idea! Thanks for the giveaway.


This is adorable. Love the retro project with the new, fun fabrics! A must make.

גני אירועים

Amazing tutorial! I like it. I never see such awesome work with bottle cap. Great job done by you.

Maths Tutor

Cute idea. My son and his college buddies collected beer bottle caps for years and made an entire tabletop out of them. It's pretty amazing, but a trivet is more my speed.


Any trick to keeping the bottlecaps from rusting from being washed/wet?

Deb Amoroso

This is such a great idea, but the back (at least mine!) looks a bit messy. Could something like scraps of quilt batting be sewn neatly to the back? This is just my migraine personality showing!

Deb Amoroso

Regarding my previous comment about making the back look neater, how about •glueing• something to the back?

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