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18 October 2011


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Yay recycling, I am all for recycling, thanks for the tut. Linda


What a clever idea. Thanks for the pattern. Great kids project too.


Such a great idea!! I will definitely have to try this one :)

Penny G

My son-in-law will have to save beer bottle caps for me, or I will have to have a lot of root beer floats.


Great idea! Thanks for the tutorial and giveaway.


Cute project! Thanks for the tut.


very cute and resourceful! Guess I need to drink a few more beers ;)


Thanks so much for the tutorial, very cute!
Thanks for the chance to win!

Robin F

How cute! Thanks Penny!


we had two of these arranged in the shape of turtles when i. grew up.... loved them!


Very cool. Thanks for the idea!


Oh my gosh that is so cute and I don't have one soda top!!!


Great idea!


Cute! Pretty pops of fabric color!

Julia C

That is the cutest, most useful thing to make with all those bottle caps left around the house by my husband! I guess now I have a reason to actually pick up after him!

Paulette Doyle

Very cute and VERY clever!! Love it! Thanks so much for the tutorial and for this wonderful give away!! Have a wonderful day!

Karen Thompson

What a great idea!!! I would have NEVER thought of that! Thanks for the great idea!! <3


So cute, I save bottle caps : ). I will have to make one of these...great tutorial!


So cute! I don't have a "yoyo maker" but I've made round appliques by using a cardboard template before!


So cute! I just started playing around with covering brads, etc. but since I don't scrapbook I needed something to do with them. this is perfect! christina112358 at gmail dot com

Lucy @ Charm About You

Wouldn't they look cute with christmas fabric made into a snowflake!

joelle lambert

Very imaginative!

Samantha K.

What a great idea!! You are amazing! It doesn't take long to come up with enough caps to do that around here! ha!! I can't wait to try make one! Thanks for sharing!

Carla V.

Very clever! Definitely fun way to keep the kids busy with them.

Marilee Kline

Clever! I already follow you.


Cute idea:) Thanks for the tutorial!


Fun!!! What an original idea.


Ok, that is just too darn cool, and might have solved the last couple "I need a small gift but what on earth?" conundrums I was having for this year!! Thank you so much for sharing!

Jenny Matlock

This is the cutest idea! I love this!

And I think I could actually make this!

Thank you, thank you!

Mary Burn

Your tutorial is great! Thanks for including me in your giveaway.


This is a fun project! Thanks so much!


Now this is recycling that I can really enjoy. Thanks for a great tute and giveaway!

Katie B

Very fun project!


This is too cute! Thanks so much for the tutorial Penny. Now I have to go find bottle caps (I'm not one to drink soda or beer, but have friends who do).


I am definitely all for upcycled stuff! Its a good idea.

Miss Nancy

Great idea! Thank you for sharing!

Have a super great sewing and stitching day!


Very cute and since DH cannot seem to find the trash can with his bottle caps, well, I have a pile of them.

Deserae Fiedler

Cute idea! :)

Lisa Mather

I would never have thought of doing that! Unfortunately, I don't have bottle caps. An excuse for buying some soda? Maybe!


Finally! A purpose for all those pesky bottle caps I have hanging around my kitchen drawers. Thanks for the cute tutorial :)


How cool! Okay, this is officially on my crafting to-do list! :D So fun!


I would love to know how the fabric holds up in the long run


What a clever idea!


These are so cute!


Cute! We collect bottle caps, and this would be a good project to use up all the duplicates :)

Darlene Staley

How cute and crafty is this project! Thanks for sharing!!


my girls would love to make this! they want to make yoyos and the oldest has a bottle cap collection that would come in handy.


What a clever idea! I love it!


I have one of these but is way old and have wanted to try making one myself. Great tutorial.

Christie, Describe Happy

This is so stinking cute and great timing as my sister in law asked for a trivet the other day... perfect combo of function and fabric! Thanks!

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