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18 October 2011


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Mary on Lake Pulaski

These are just the cutest Penny! Thank you!

Kathy H

What a cute idea. We always need new trivets and I guess you could make them in any size from a small size to the big enough for a meat platter. Fun.


I love it - so cute! Now, I am going to have to hunt down some bottle caps. I guess it is Beer/Chili weather. :) I know what is in my future. Thanks for such a clever idea!


Very cleaver idea...That is something I think I could make...now where are the bottle caps....


What a clever idea! I've got to get some bottle caps collected so I can make one.


Very cute!! Thanks for the great tutorial.

Shelley dionne

Bottle caps!!! Now that's clever! Great project to do with the kids :)

Linda in PA

Your trivet is really cute! Thanks for the great tutorial.


Great way to upcycle!!! Thanks for the great tutorial.


This is a neat way to use bottle caps!!


Great idea! Thanks!


how clever are you? This is so fun and I would have never thought of it, thanks for the tutorial!

kerri ward

How clever! My daughter just learned how to make yo-yo's and this will be a great project for her. Thank you for the tutorial.


What a fun time this has been! Thanks for the idea :0)

Miz Karen

Cute idea. Now I have to start saving bottle caps!


That is so cute! And my hubs will love it because it means he has to drink beer for me to make one!




I was wondering what you wanted bottle caps for, lol. Great tutorial!


I'm totally going to have to start hoarding bottlecaps on top of my collection of pull tab tops.

Debbie  St.Germain

What a fun idea and nice tutorial, pictures help us, who are directionally challenged, lol.


lisa conant

This is so cute...and has the added advantage of needing me to drink 28 Mike's Hard Lemonades at some point over the next month or so. I think I'm up to the job ;)


Great Idea!

Michelle Olsen

I really need to start saving bottle caps. I love the tutorial, and your fabric choices.

Ella Taylor

This is very nice, I remember my mother making these in the shape of a bunch of grapes. Thanks for the instruction.



This would be a great addition to a hot pad and towel set. It would be easy to coordinate the colors or patterns to the kitchen. Thanks for such a cute idea!

Melissa Corry

Penny, this is so cute!! I just love it. You ladies are doing such a fun job with this blog hop!


What a great idea!


Very cute idea!! Thanks for sharing!!


I so love it! Must go buy som Ginger ale and rootbeer so Tade can help me collect bottle caps!!


Thanks for the giveaway!

Delores Wagg

Great idea!! Would love to win your giveaway!!


This is just about as cute as it gets! I moved tables around in my play room this morning and under one of those tables, was a huge jar of...bottle caps! I thought to myself...I really need to do something with those...and now I know WHAT! Thanks!

diane stanley

I better start saving bottle cars, what a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration.


Cute project - I've never seen anything like it! (and there's all these comments about how grandmas used to make them...not mine, lol)

Kelly Irene

This is soooo cute! We go through plenty of bottle caps, so I may be making one very soon! Thanks for posting :)


Such a cute idea!

Pink Stitches

Cute and simple project. Thanks for sharing!

Nancy D.

What a cool idea! Thanks for sharing.


What a neat idea! :)

Natalie christensen

Love it! Thanks Penny!


This is such a cute craft!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!!

Indianna Hopper

I have lots of bottle caps.....and now i know what to do with a few of them. Cheers!


Too cute. These would be fun to do with my grandkids.

sarah r.

this is super cute - we'll have to give it a try!


clever idea! thanks for sharing and the chance to win!

Sherry Edwards

What a great idea - and tutorial! Thanks for sharing it.


Very clever idea!




Oh, they are so cute. Thank you for showing us.

Archie the wonder dog

Love this idea - thanks for sharing!

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