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18 October 2011


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What a great idea, recycling and making something that looks that good. Amazing
Thanks for sharing.

Henria O.

What an ingenious idea! Love this!


That's very clever, thanks for the idea.


Very interesting idea!


clever! I would love a chance to win, thanks for the chance.


I wonder if Diet Coke caps would work. They are plastic but with the fabric cover..... I have jillions of coke caps as I put the codes in at My Coke Rewards.com and get free stuff! I could call it a double recycle! :)


How ingenious! I used to keep bottlecaps, but recently threw away a bunch. However, there are always more, and I will totally save them to make some trivets now! Thanks for sharing such a fun idea.


What a great way to reuse bottle caps. Thanks for the tutorial.



This is awesome! Very creative idea! Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway! :)

Merete Vatshelle

What a great idea, thanks!


Neat idea! i'm enjoying the blog hop! Thanks for the chance to win!


What a clever use of bottle caps and fabric. I'm assuming that they are twist off caps because otherwise they would get bend in removal. Thanks for the tutorial and thanks for the chance to win.

jennhgray at gmail dot com


Thats adorable!


What a cute idea. I've been saving a variety of beer caps to make coasters but now I might just have to cover them in fabric. :)


It makes me think of Pixar's Up.


What a wonderful idea! I love it!


Wow I am so glad I found your blog via the 12 days of Christmas blog hop! I just started following you on google reader. :)


Cute tutorial! Thanks for sharing it!!


Wow, this is so clever!


what a fun tutorial! the Reeds ginger beer is very popular in our household too...I should start saving up scraps!


I'm impressed that you've downed 28 bottles of ginger beer! My husband and I share one on our 3 hour drive home from the city. It helps to perk us and keep us awake, but it takes the whole 3 hours to empty the bottle - and that's with 2 of us working on it!

Sunni @ Love Affair with my Brother

so cute! I love the red "arrows".


Awesome idea! I'm sure my husband won't mind drinking a few extra beers for me!


What a cute idea for fabric scraps
Thanks for sharing :)

Jodi R

Great Idea for Re-purposing something that could have just been wasted.

Toni Anne

Recycling at it's best!! LOVE IT!!! Thank you, ;->

Gene Black

Great tutorial - and a clever use for the yo-yo makers!

Cameron H

Very cute idea, and i LOVE the fabrics. Thanks for the giveaway chance.


I guess I need to start drinking something with that type of cap!


Wow, what a creative idea! Lovely fabrics too. Thanks for sharing.

Patti Deal

I wonder if this would work with Diet Coke caps. I have a jillion of them! I put the cap codes in at My Coke Rewards.com and get free stuff. I know they're plastic but with the fabric wrapped around them.... Hummm... Free stuff and a trivet! Go Recycle!!! Thanks for the tut!!

Patti Deal

Looky there... I posted twice... Is this a sign of old age?? Sorry


That is such a creative idea! I love how they look like they're kind of floating. :)

Nancy Sue

What a cute idea! And green too, recycle the tops! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Victoria Paige

What an awesome idea for a gift! Love!


Love this. I am picturing seasonal fabrics for a touch of holiday decor. Cheap. Easy. And small enough to make one for every holiday. Thanks!

Val Laird

What a great tutorial. Thanks for such a great giveaway.

Jo aka The Hungry Crafter

Cool idea -- bet you could use the same technique for cheaper covered buttons???

Barb in MI

Looks great! Now off to find bottle caps... Thank you!


This is so cool. I guess I'll need to find some kind of cool soda to drink for all the bottle caps I'll need.


Never show this idea before. I really like it and may make some for Christmas. They would be pretty just sitting out on a cabinet.

Anna McD

Thanks for a chance to win!

Sam Blakesley

This is awesome! I just happen to have lots of bottle caps I have been saving. I knew they would come in handy sometime!


What a clever idea. Thanks for sharing and there is still time to collect bottle caps before Christmas. Thank you ever so much!


This is both fun and functional-- perfect for me:) Thanks for the great tutorial:)


This is really fun! Thank you! :)


Love your idea. Great use of bottle caps.

Helen Lebrett

This is SEWWWW cute:-) Think of all the fun fabric you could make these out of!! Thanks for the great idea!!


Wow a great idea and looks so simple and really pretty! Thanks for another great tute :-)


Hi, not in it for the comp lol - but wanted to say fab idea looks great! Also congrats on the book... I found it really interesting to read, I entered a block comp, and a few of us got asked to submit patterns to a mag - since I've never done it it's great to know how it goes ;) congrats again

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