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14 October 2011


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Laura Jane

Penny those are brilliant. I've always wondered how to get some insulbrite into my crochet hotpads, and this is such a good idea! How did you quilt the granny square one? Concentric squares to match the crochet rows?


Laura Jane,
thank you!!
I quilted around the center star, about 1/4 inch, then around the brown ric-rac in a straight line :) So, on the back of the hot pad is a quilted star in the center and a square a couple inches out from that.


seriously penny, these are amazing!!! i love them, and the colors you used are beautiful. send them to me, right?! :)


so cute! I'm addiding a few of these to my growing "to make for christmas gifts" list


Penny!!! This is so stinkin adorable, I really need to work on my crochet skills so that I can make some. Thanks for the how-to!


That is darling! I've never seen a crocheted hot pad with a fabric backing. I love it!


These are adorable! But I don't crochet...so I'm going to share this with a friend that does! Thanks!


I really like this; I'm going to try it myself. It's a nice combination of two of my favorite crafty skills (well, pretty much my only crafty skills). Good job!

Rachel at Stitched in Color

Wowzers Penny! These are beeee-autiful!!! Did you read my mind? I've been dreaming up things along this line too. Great minds think alike! Thank-you so much for contributing this awesome tutorial.


Very cute idea. I've made crocheted pot holder before and always managed to get burned due to the small holes in them This will totally eliminate that problem. I think I'll try again! Your tutorial is wonderful!


Love these!! Thanks for the tutorial Penny!


This is such a neat little project! I've never seen anything quite like it! Very clever! Thanks for sharing the tutorial.


Okay, first you've got me needing to learn to paper piece to make those adorable pop bottles. Now I need to learn to crochet to make pot holders!

Melissa Bloom

Great tutorial, easy to follow. I have just started to do crochet and am totally addicted. Great way to combine with quilting. Thanks for the inspiration.


Ohmygosh Penny -- those are just adorable. They'd make great gifts too! You're brilliant!


i can't wait to try these = thanks so much!


Penny, this is awesome! I have been wanting to do some crocheting again. What a perfect project, at a perfect time--right before the holidays!


Penny, these are adorable! I'll have to get out my crochet hooks now!


These are wonderful! I'd love to make some of these as Christmas gifts this year!


You are a super thinker outside the box! Wonderful!


I'm just learning to crochet and love love love these. Thanks Penny


O. MY. WORD!!! I don't crochet...sadly:( These are beyond adorable!!! Love the colors, the fabrics you used to got with them, all of it! A*DORABLE!!! I don't think I commented on the pop bottle post but those are way way cute too!! And your new house looks like it's beautiful! Many exciting things in your life right now:)


Adorable!!! I just made my first crochet project not too long ago. I think these should be easy enough for me to do...maybe lol!!! Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial!


What a fun combination..crochet and fabric!!! Thanks for the great tutorial!!!


Another adorable idea! Love your colors too!!


love this idea! I want to try it soon!


What a great idea. That's really inspired me and I can't wait to have a go at making one!. Thank you.


Oh my goodness, those are so cute! Thank You.


I love this!!! I like to crochet, but I don't like the asthetics of it as much as quilted fabric. This is a wonderful way to make a crochet project look more "finished" and practical too with the addition of insul-brite. Good thinking and thanks so much for sharing! :-)


Wool would be a great insulator too wouldn't it..perfect for this task..great thinking there! It looks so home-y and one could get very creative with the colours and combinations..thanks again for a great tut and idea. Blessings!

Sue Bone

So striking. Maybe I should take up crochet again.


Love that red and White crochet pattern! Your hot pads are lovely!


i love the mix of crochet and sewing. i'm not a big crochet fan, but once you give it the clean lines with the binding, it changes everything.

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Great thinking there! It looks so home-y and one could get very creative with the colours and combinations..thanks again for a great tut and idea. Blessings!


Just had to say that I love your idea with the potholders. This would be such a great idea to use on some antique potholders.

טויוטה לנד קרוזר

Wonderful pattern and design in the clothes. I like this so much. I like the color matching which is red and white.

Andrea Baker

These are amazing! I'm an avid crocheter and I would love to make a baby blanket one.



Awesome! This may inspire me to pull out my grandmother sewing machine. Linking up at Tangled Happy next week. Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial!

Kelly W

Love this!!


Love these. I knitted some dishrags. Didn't really like the way they turned out, so now I think I'll convert them into these cute potholders. A great way to use up alot of my stashes. (yarn and material)


I just purchased the book so I can make the red and cream one. Love it!! Thanks!!


I love these so very much!! I'm currently in the middle of making a set. I think I'm going to have to hand quilt mine because my Janome just does not want to sew through all of the layers...this really surprises me because she sewed through the making of an Amy Butler purse, and we all know how many layers that requires =) Can't wait to get them all finished!!

Brenda Melahn

Why can't we Pin this? I very much want to try it and want to share the idea with others.


I LOVE these! Do you have patterns for the crocheted squares?

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