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07 October 2011


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That looks so cute! I'm sure I have plenty of little jobs waiting to be done but I'm the queen of procrastination so they'll have to wait a little longer :-)

Mary on Lake Pulaski

I have an OLD old wooden ironing board that I've been holding on to. I am going to turn it into a chalk board/bulletin board for my sewing room by adding chalk board paint and cork. Soon, very soon.

charlotte @ twelfthzodiac

I have been 'hearting' old pencil sharpeners on etsy forever but haven't bought one yet (shipping to Canada sucks...and we must have them hiding here somewhere!) (I will check ebay!)
I just may paint mine up if it isn't already a cool retro colour :)


Oh my word that turned out cute! What kind of paint did you use on it? A spray specialized for metal?
Congratulations on your soon to be move!!


you sure made that extra cute. i love the views of the pre-move crafting :)


so, so awesome!


How darling is that! I love those kind. I found an old electric one that works better than anything I've ever seen....I hope it never dies!


I saw it on Flickr and thought it might be a meat mincer- but pencil sharpener- v cool!


So cute!! I think I would be sharpening all the pencils in our house and then some if I had one that looked that nice!!




Oh my gosh, does this ever take me back! Gates Mills Elementary School. Whenever I didn't want to do the task at hand I would "accidentally" break my pencil tip so I could go over to the sharpener, conveniently located by the window of my classroom, and sharpen my pencil (and watch what was going on in the big wide world outside that boring room!) Thanks for the memories!

Jody Blue

You gave it new life and still kept the character. Very fun.


Very cool Penny -- I brought a pencil sharpener like that home from the office a few years ago -- they were throwing it out. I love it! And I wish you lived near here too -- we would have had great fun today -- Girl Power LOL!


I have the pencil sharpener from my childhood ~ tho I'm not quite sure where it is (I'll have to give search and find it).
I've got a kitchen stool/ladder that needs a paint job, it's all rusted and a nice spray would do it good.
It's so exciting to move to a new place ~ getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. Have fun with it!


Brenis, I used krylon indoor/outdoor spray paint in ocean breeze. It's rated for several things, including metal.


Too cute. I'm going to have to file away 'ocean breeze' as a good spray paint blue.


Oh this took me right back to my school days! Love the colour you've painted it!

jennifer barr

Wow...it looks awesome!


The small project waiting in the wings is an age old problem for me. It usually starts with just a button that needs to be sewn and typically i realize that I've wasted more energy avoiding the project than what it takes to complete it. This is true even on the fun projects. Glad you got yours done.

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