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20 October 2011


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I've got that book on my wish list. I can see why the editors loved your submission.


Loving that little quilt! So colourful and fun especially with the hand quilting. Congratulations on finally being published! Looks like a great book!


Congratulations. Love the quilt


Congratulations Penny!! Your quilt is lovely!
I hope one day I'll have your courage :-)


This was a good post to read, and very encouraging. And the diamond lattice is amazing!! Congratulations!

Jennie {Clover & Violet}

Congratulations! It's lovely. Your post was encouraging too. If I may ask though, how do you find out about publications seeking material? Thanks!


Congratulations - it is a gorgeous quilt!


Lovely Penny!Your fabrics are perfect and the sashiko stitching is gorgeous.


Congratulations Penny! It's a sweet quilt.


Ooooh, good for you!! Way to hang in there. Your an inspiration to us all. Your little quilt is a beaut. The book looks like a good one too!


Oh, congrats! That's fantastic - so glad you kept at it!


Atta girl, Penny! Glad you stuck with it and succeeded in getting published. Hope you'll still talk to us 'llittle people' now that you hit the big time. Congrats!


Very cool - congrats. It's a darling little quilt.


Congratulations, Penny!! It's a cute quilt...


LOVE it and so many great fabrics in there! The hand stitching adds so much. Congrats!


Hurray! Congratulations, Penny! It's a beautiful quilt. How do you come up with your ideas?


Congratulations Penny -- it's adorable!!!


Congratulations Penny, I'm surprised you EVER got a letter like that - but so glad that this darling quilt made it!!

Rachel B.

Congratulations! Your quilt is beautiful. Looks like a great book.


Penny I have a hard time believing anything you've made has ever been rejected. But if it was then it was destined for bigger and better things!!

Victoria Paige

Congratulations! That quilt is gorgeous.


Congratulations!!! That quilt is adorable.


penny!!! you amaze me, you're imagination is endless. congrats on the publication and here's to many more in your future.


That's an adorable little quilt!


Wise words Penny and a very cute quilt- congrats, it looks like a really pretty book, just the start...


Hurray hurray hurray Penny - yayayayayayay xxxxxxxxxxxx


Penny Penny Penny! Ever since you told me about this, I had been so looking forward to seeing your quilt! It's super cute and I love that it's very you! I have to get my hands on this copy for sure! Oh and if you'd let me sound selfish, I would have to tell you that I like this mini quilt partly because it reminds me of the cute quilt you made for me, hehe!


I love this little quilt....think I need to make it!

Laura Jane

Wow, such an insight into the publication world... I never knew! I though the book people just phoned you up and said, hey, wanna be in our book? Congratulations girl :-)

I love that mini. Its my fave from the whole book I think... Its so your style, which I love :-) And the perle just sets it off so brilliantly!


Keep going. That one is absolutely adorable! I love the hand stitching!


Good for you! And lots of other people too. There will be lots of people who'll want one just like this and here you go giving them inspiration to go ahead.
Congrats to you, Kido!


Congratulations Penny! Such a sweet doll quilt. Love the big stitch quilting!


that is so exciting...congratulations


Yay, Penny! I'm so proud to know you! :-) Congratulations, friend!


Congratulations ~ as a grantwriter, I know the feeling of believing you've done a fantastic job and the work is not "picked" by the powers that be ~ but you are definitely right - we all must continue on and do our best - always.


Woot!! Congratulations!! It's darling, and I can see why they accepted this one! Happy dancing for you!! :)


I need that book now! Maybe for Christmas!
your quilt is fabulous!

krista - Poppyprint

Way to go Penny! It's an adorable doll quilt that would be fabulous full-sized as well. This looks like a very sweet book full of fun ideas. I am really looking forward to seeing the whole thing in person!


Congratulations! The hand sewing makes it especially lovely. :)

Jo aka The Hungry Crafter

Congratulations! I'm very happy for you, and your project is beautiful!

Archie the wonder dog

Congratulations! Love it!


Congratulations, Penny! How exciting!


Congratulations! Of course this project made it, its great!


Congratulations and what a great uplifting post - just what any potential pattern writer needs to read!


Penny, love your quilt! I'll look for that book!
And thank you for sharing your personal experience in being published, or not. Very enlightening, very encouraging...
; )

Pamela Nees

Love your little quilt!

Glad you persevered! So rewarding it must be to see it in print! Yea!


oh Penny. i love how you show your beautiful work and then use that to encourage others to succeed. sometimes you are so darned sweet it brings a tear to my eyes.

your doll quilt idea is fantastic and beautifully executed. i'd buy a book chock full of your work any day of the week.

Thearica Burroughs

The quilt is super cute and thanks for the push to get out there and get published!


Wow! You deserve this moment. Savor it. We are all celebrating this accomplishment with you.

cinzia allocca

I love that little quilt! What a great publication to be a part of. Congratulations!
Yes, always keep trying. In my case, I had beginner's luck. My first submission ever got accepted. However, at least 4 since have been rejected. I'll just keep trying...

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