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11 October 2011


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ooh, thank you so much Penny ~ I love it and going to make something with the Pop Bottle pattern. So generous of you to share!

Miz Karen

Cute curtains and easy to follow tutorial.

Marie S

Love the soda pop bottles! What a fun tutorial and the idea to make it a curtain is awesome. I can just see it hanging in my kitchen. Paper piecing is a blast! Thanks again for the sweet pattern.


Very cute!

Donna Baker

what a fun idea for curtains in your new home - congratulations!! great tutorial - thanks for sharing!

Cindy F

I came over from Stash Manicure. What a great project! For some reason hot sauce bottles got into my brain when I saw the bottles! I can't wait to see your curtain put together and hanging up!


So darn cute!!! I follow Madamme Samm's Sew We Quilt Blog and absolutely love the pop bottles you've created! Thanks for a great tutorial!


I'm a new follower. What fun! You've taken paper piecing to a whole new dimension (BIG!).

I also saw your yo yo tally. My hubby won three (3) vintage yo yo pillows at our local quilt guild meeting last night. I plan to blog about it, and would like to link to your yo yo challenge. I'll add your button to my blog.


Thanks for the cute tutorial!


Nice to get to know you and thanks for the tutorial!

Sandi Price

How cute! I saw this over at Madam Samm's and had to come tell you that you have me re-inspired about a curtain I've been mulling over to hide a small storage area in my kitchen/dinette area. I'm not sure I'll do your pop-bottles, but it made me think of some kitcheny paper piecing patterns I already have and how they might work for this project. Thank you for helping me think outside my usual curtain box. LOL


amazing penny!!! totally amazing and cool!

Paulette Doyle

How cute are these bottles!! Wonderful tutorial!! Thanks SEW much!

Heleen Groot

I came over from Sew! What a great idea. I've checked the rest of your site too.....I'm hooked! Thanks for the tutorial!


Oh my word, that is the cutest thing! Love the solids you picked.

Kathie L

I came here from Sew We Quilt, and am glad I did. I like your pop curtain, but I especially liked your scrubby post, and have ordered your pattern. I love scrubbies, and mine is in need of replacement. Thanks, Kathie L in Allentown


I've never tried paper piecing before, but your pop bottles might just be the right pattern for me to start on. They are so cute. Thanks for posting your tutorial over at Madame Samm's today. I enjoyed it very much.


Oh my this is way too cute - may I use your pic to link to you on my next tutorial post? I just did one today, but I'm thinking ahead to the next one! I love this, Penny!

Linda Winters

Thank you so much for such a cute design!

Kim Aguilar

I gasped out loud when I saw your pop bottles! LOVE. Absolutely darling!


Great curtains!!

Anne Brown

Thank you for the tutorial. Mama Samm sent me over and it was enjoyable. I am now a follower!


You are the master at paper piecing - love those bottles... awesome!! I am now following you!


This is a great tutorial. I have been very nervous about trying paper foundation piecing because it seems so complicated, but with your directions and all your photos, I think I might be able to just about pull this off! Thanks! :)


Really really cute!!!


Penny you are darned clever!! These are so adorable all lined up in the different flavors! :) Great guest post over at M. Samm's!

diane stanley

I'm definitely going to make this. Love it!


Penny, this is soooo darling! I want to stop all of my projects right now and make these. I'll definitely have to work this into my schedule...because it is too cute not to have!

Jodi Guerrero

Thanks for the tutorial for the pop bottle curtains. So cute. Good luck with your move. We just moved about three months ago so have an idea of what you're going thru. Happy Holidays in your new home.

Mary Ann Tate

Love the Pop bottle curtain!! Sew creative. Will have to come back when I have to really hike around your blog. Thanks for the tut!!


This is fabulous! Now I need to make these, too!


So cute, can't wait to see it hanging in place!

Rita Goshorn

great piecing! it gives me the idea that one can piece any object. will always remember the pop bottle now.


Thanks for the great tutorial at Sew We Quilt! I thought I was a long-time follower, but when I searched, I could not find my avatar, so now it is uber official! LOL


Hello Penny - what a lovely idea for your kitchen curtain - it is wonderful getting exposed to all the great ideas from such a diversity of quilters....thanks to Madame Samm. Am following you now.

Mom C

Paper piecing is not one of my favorite ways of quilting but so many of the looks are so incredible. I think I just need to do more. Thanks for the tutorial.


this is so cute. I am so glad you did this tutorial. I am determined to learn to paper piece like you do. I covet all the cute stuff you make.

krista - Poppyprint

What a super fun pattern, Penny! Makes me think of the Pop Shoppe in 'the old days' and the red cases of bottles my Dad would bring home full of all different colours of soda.


I've found your blog from the Stash Manicure site. Such a fun tutorial you shared there today. Time to look through your blog and see what else inspires me.

Denise Briggs

Thanks! Fresh idea! I could see these made as barley pop bottles for a man cave.....Do man caves have curtains???? hummm?

Thank you.


That's so cute! Your curtain is adorable! :)


I need to learn how to do paper piecing. Thanks for the link to the tutorial! I'm here from Stash Manicure.


I love it.Great idea to have a new curtains.Thanks you for sharing.


What a great paper-piecing tutorial! Thanks for sharing.

Pat V.

This is very cute! I'm looking forward to checking out more of your patterns.


Saw this over at sewwequilt. Love it!


What a fun tutorial. I haven't done any paper piecing for a long time. This may just get me started again.

Thearica Burroughs

I so LOVE new and original ideas! This is absolutely fantastic!


Adorable! ;0

Karen S.

Penny, I came over from Madame Samm's at Sew WE Quilt. Wonderful tutorial!! The curtain will look great in your new kitchen. I love the kitchen, saw it in your September 25th post - beautiful! Enjoy your new home.

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