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03 October 2011


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Love love love the soap dispenser! I think that quilt label is pretty clever, too...


i just love the label you made for the quilt. so imaginative!


Genius on the soap dispenser!!!! And I love the image of you scattering wildflower seeds!


That label- perfect P! Excited for your big move!


Your garden looks fabulous..what an exciting new adventure..happy new home!


I'm so tired of buying soap dispensers and having the straw part fall of into the soap. Your idea rocks!
Great idea on the flower seeds. Looks inviting. I can see you there enjoying all that God has given you.


That's a great label, Penny--and I have to make one of those soap dispensers.

Samantha K.

I love the label you created for your Unity Quilt, how creative. I'm thinking I may have to get the pattern for your scrubbies and have my mom or my aunt teach me how to make them-I'd sure love to have a few of those around my house! I'm also loving your soap dispenser!! :) That is definately something that would fit the decor of our home. You are so inspiring! I love seeing what you are up to on your blog, and of course checking to see how far along you are on the yo-yos ;)


I love your soap dispenser! That is so perfect, and I need one of those. The label is so perfect, too!


I LOVE your soap dispenser! I have a few really great old jelly jars that would be awesome for! Thanks for the fantastic idea!


I love your tag! Where did you get the fabric for the calendar? Really cool idea!


Penny, congratulations on your upcoming move! As a veteran mover (16 addresses in 19 years), I still get excited each time. I love that you're already "nesting" in preparation for that beautiful new kitchen!


Lovely deck for coffee and doing some hand sewing. I like the soap dispenser. Very clever!


Penny, congrats on your move! I just can't imagine how you are excited!

Rachel at Stitched in Color

I do like your soap dispenser. Very cool. I'm very happy that you found a house with a natural yard like that. I thought our yard was pretty simple, but it takes more work than I want after all. I have the same perspective - there's just more wonderful things to do than pull weeds and mulch beds.

Tina in Boston

Would love to see a scrubby ball pattern! :)


what a great view of your backyard. that deck looks like a lovely place to enjoy breakfast while watching the birds. at least, that's what i'd do with a deck and yard like that :) it sure is fun to the sneak peek!


LOVE the look of your scrubbies... I've been making them for years but yours are nicely more rounded. Would definitely be interested in the pattern.

Sharon Eisen

With a soap dispenser like that, can hand knitted dish cloths be far behind?

What kind of materials do you use for scrubbies?


Penny, I've been a fan for awhile now. It's time to take a deep breath and commit to - yes - a comment. I know. It's the soap dispenser that tipped me over the edge.
Just to say: love your work, seriously. Love it. Love your style, of course, but also your commitment, your faithfulness, your generosity, warmth and sense of fun. You are a nice person who makes nice things and inspires others to do the same. So thanks, sometimes the loveliest and most restorative part of my day is sitting with a coffee and looking at your blog. Bless.

Archie the wonder dog

Love the veranda and back garden - I could do with one like that instead of the weed infested patch I really have!!

Faye Nettles

I love your paper piecing tutorials. I will soon tackle a quilt that in involve a lot of paper piecing. I gobble up all the information I can as that project scares me!
You have a lot of interesting ideas.


The landscape outside your new home is fantastic. Hope you get through your move okay.


Hope you have a great holiday.

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