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26 October 2011


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Love it when technology does perform- blogging from your iphone is pretty cool! You know I love your tea towel x


Oh no!! We had a crash once and it wasn't fun. The towel is going to be adorable!


As usual, cutest blocks! Hope your move goes smoothly.

Archie the wonder dog

Isn't technology great?! Hope the move and the new computer purchase go smoothly!


Cute dishtowel. Kerry's pattern is so cute!!

Good luck on the move and the new computer.


Congratulations to Andrea!
I love your version of Kerry's pattern!

krista - Poppyprint

Bummer about your computer woes. Oh well, more time to pack and get organized, right? Love your tea towel, it's adorable! Do you use linen blend for your towels?


Bummer about your computer! Good luck with the move. Here is the link for Kerry's pattern for anyone who wants it.


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