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25 November 2011


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Oh I love that photo of the dear deer! how cute. It would be a bright spot in my day as would your gorgeous recovered chairs!

Summerfield Quilts

What a sweet deer. Your chairs are wonderful, and so is your table cloth.


Great chairs - and how cool about the dear. Sorry for all the ups and downs in your life....blessings as you transition.


Love the chairs, have fun setteling in and hope all the ups and downs settle down for you.


WOOOOOOWWW!!! You have DEER in your yard!!!! That's fantastic!!! Your home looks wonderful ;-) I have that same AB dotted fabric. Love it.

Sew Create It - Jane

How sweet to have such wonderful animals on your doorstep!

Love the make-over on the chairs..very fresh!


Great to have you back in blogland.......


Pennyyyyy! Yay, you are back! And there's deer! And pretty chairs with Amy Butler fabric on them! I'm sorry there have been rough things, though. Sorry.


So nice that you already have a friend! Hope he or she doesn't eat your shrubbery!


That picture is darling! The stairs are pretty great too!


I've missed you ~ glad to see you back.
The deer is too cute and the chairs look great.
I'd have done the same!


How fresh your table and chairs look!


Yay for the new house! The chairs look really lovely. Here's to more bright moments and happies!


What a sweet face to see outside the window. How cute is she! I love what you have done with the chairs.


Look at that deer! How lovely! Sweetie I hope you had a wonderful holiday and that life gets back to normal soon for you. LOVE your chairs and the gorgeous quilt on the table!


Sorry to hear you have had a few challenges to face recently - thinking of you!

Your new home looks gorgeous - how wonderful to have a deer in your garden. Love the chair makeovers - everything looks better with a bit of Amy!

krista - Poppyprint

Welcome to your new home and how lovely that you have afternoon visitors! I'm sorry to hear about the not-so-happy bits of last month. I hope things are looking better now...

Amy (badskirt)

Your new space seems beautiful, Penny. Like you.


What a great face to see at breakfast. Sure he's stopping by for one of your wonderful coffee concoctions.


welcome back! The chairs look nice. I like that you used different fabrics!


The chairs look so sweet. Hope you enjoy making your new house a home, Penny. :)

Jo @ The Hungry Crafter

Lovely to see you back -- and both the chairs and the deer picture are spreading cheer my way! Thnanks for sharing, and hope that there is smooth sailing ahead for you.

Archie the wonder dog

Happy new home! Love the deer photo!


The prints on your chairs look so good against the white frames. Loving that photo of the deer peeking through!


Penny, hope you are settling into your new home and enjoyed your Thanksgiving! Your photo is breathtaking! What a gorgeous vista! Hope your ups and downs smooth out soon. Hugs!


Oh Penny -- that deer picture is wonderful. I'd never get anything done if I had deer to watch out the back window -- how fun. Congratulations on the move -- I hope it all went well. Your new chairs look wonderful!


Good to see you back :)

Lynn Mays

Penny this is Lynn from the Modern Group. I don't know how to get in touch with the group anymore and was wondering if you guys would be interested in alot of fabric. I am cleaning out. Let me know. Thanks.


I'm SO glad that you're back, Penny! The chairs look beautiful, and it looks like you have a very cheerful view!


Penny, so incredibly fresh and wonderful. Love the look this quilt and chairs give to your home.


your new home looks amazing, Penny. i'm sorry that the good and the bad are all mixed together right now, but it is better than all bad. take good care, my friend.

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