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18 December 2011


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Now a 1/4 of the pan is a bit greedy- let him off though, it is his birthday!


Mmmmmmm....I might have to make some of those =D I love you gifts and keychains, especially the little coin pouch =D


Such sweet gifts for you how nice! I'll have to check out the cake recipe my kids would love it. I'll be making a cake for my husbands birthday today!


Such pretties Penny! Happy Birthday L-man, save me a piece of that scrumptious looking cake will you ;-)


Darling key fobs! And that pouch and tea towel are just great! Happy Birthday to L-man, I'll never forget my hubby eating all my birthday cake...we each got one piece, and he got the rest and tried to blame the dog! He was groaning for days, lol.


Pretty treasures! I'm wondering if I need to get a set of those printing letters after what I've seen Kerry do with them. Oh, Santa...


I would like one of everything in this post, including those yummy blondies :)


Happy birthday L-Man!

Archie the wonder dog

I have no idea what those blondies are so I'm off to find out, although if they're that nice maybe I'd be better off staying ignorant?!! Love your presents!


Wow those blondies look yummy, I blew up the picture and taped it to the fridge along with the recipe. Hope she gets the hint.


Oh my gosh sew sew cute.


Love that coin purse! So adorable!

Happy Holidays to you & yours!

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