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22 December 2011


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You and Ayumi make a great pair. [Sorry, I couldn't help myself. :-) ]

Amy C

I love your slippers! I got this magazine a few months ago for the slipper pattern.


I love these! I need to make a pair for myself.


Those slippers are so CUTE! I have never seen Stitch magazine ( I'm in Ireland) I must try and get a copy.

Merry Christmas!

krista - Poppyprint

They are perfectly adorable and perfect for tubbing trips!!

Laura Jane

So so cute! Love them! Merry Christmas to you and yours x


Those are so super cute! I love them!


What fab slippers....
Have a great Christmas..


Your slippers turned out so cute!!! They are on my list of things to make!!! Merry Christmas!!!

cinzia allocca

Your slippers are so nice! I've been wanting to make some too. They're nice to have around for guests!


I looooooove your slippers waaaay more than mine! I love all the colors together so much! It's a great idea to make them sturdier too! Thank you Penny for sharing this. I am tickled pink!

Have a Merry Christmas ;)


oh, they are just what I need and I've got that issue too! Very cute slippers ~ mine are about to fall apart!
Have a Happy Christmas!


Aack! Those are so adorable. I loves me a good pair of slippers and those are definitely worth seeking out a copy of that magazine:)

Merry merry merry to you!!


Oh gorgeous! I want to see you wearing those! Happy Christmas to you and L


Adorable slippers! I'm in need of a new pair soon.

Have a happy, happy holiday, Penny. :)

Rachel at Stitched in Color

Super cute! Have a Merry Christmas, Penny.


Simply Awesome!!! And Merry Christmas to you too Penny.... ooxx`jodi

Archie the wonder dog

Love the slippers! Happy Christmas!

Archie the wonder dog

Sorry, I accidentally clicked on post before I was done! I wanted to say that I hope Christmas isn't too bitter-sweet and that it's full of memories that make you smile through any tears...take care xx


cute cute cute.
Merry Christmas Penny x


these are to die for cute Penny! I've been wanting to try ayumi's pattern for a while now (of course). Hope you had a lovely christmas


these slippers are adorable! i've been wanting to make some patchwork slippers after i saw Leila's and now you have me pondering which fabrics to use...


Those slippers are adorable Penny! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


Any suggestions for making these child-size?

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