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15 January 2012


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how cool!! this is awesome. I'm going to make one!!


Love it! I never thought of sewing one! I too have seen many crochet ones and thought it would take too much time to make it that way. Thanks for the idea!


I like using fleece to make mine. No sewing, cut and stuff into the swifter holes.


that sounds like a great idea, Sandy! I wanted something that was absorbant though so I could use the pad wet as well for a quick mop :)


I love it...aren't you the resourceful one... and reuseable too! Will have to make one and then find someone to use it around the house!


Wow, you're fancy. I just use old dishcloths. The work perfectly.

Jamie lee

I never thought of making a substitute. I tried using the Scott wipes that say they fit swiffer but they don't. Cute!


awe...cutest swiffer around!


This is awesome. I've been mulling this over in my head as I use up the last of my box of dry swiffer sheets. For wet I've been jamming a washcloth (meant for cleaning) into the holes but it doesn't work that great. And now I don't have to think about it anymore I can just make a few. Thank you!


Great idea Penny!!! Thanks for sharing your method. I like the reusability factor;-)


This IS a great idea. And I'm pretty sure my mom had those very same sheets when I was growing up.

Gene Black

leftover chunks of batting work also! Of course they need to be tossed after use.


Interesting- I've made my own out of fleece, but I like the idea of chenille!~ I'll have to look for some!

Karen H

wow...... now why didn't I think of that? I even have the exact same sheet... :) I was going to make a quilt from some vintage sheets, but haven't gotten to that yet. Thanks for the great idea.


Super cute Penny! And now that I have wood floors, I can make some too -- yipee!!!

Betty van Os

Great tip! Makes me want to clean my house right NOW.
I'll buy a Swiffer XL today and get some chenille, which I don't havelying around. Or perhaps I could use a cheap, "uncomfortable-to-touch"-microfiber cloth: give it a padding and a nice pieceof fabric and away we go!


I so need to make a few of these. Thanks so much. My 2 kidlets make a mess on my hardwood floors every single day and my swifer is my one tool that gers daily use.


I have croched MANY of these and I love doing them because I can normally get them done in an hour or two! Just one movie and a little cuddle time on the couch! LOL!! Thanks for another alternative! I hate how expensive those throw away ones are and, hello, bad for the environment!! This is so much more Green!!

Rachel at Stitched in Color

Yes, it IS! I don't use a swiffer because of the waste. This is a great solution!


Great idea. Thanks for sharing!


ohhh, now that is smart and cute!


LOL that's how you use the sheet I gave you? Well, if it works it works. I'd serge the sheet too though.

Jen of Quality DigiScrap Freebies

Great tutorial! You've been featured on the Quality Sewing Tutorials blog.

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Thanks so much for sharing this us. I immediately made some today and tried them out. They work so great, I made some more.
I love knowing that I don't have to buy anymore disposable cloths


I did something of the sort....here in Central NY, I have a SERIOUS need for super absorbant swiffer with all the snow,slush and mud that the kids track in,so when I came across the *oops our name wasn't printed on and didn't get cut shamwows!* in the dollar store...well I had to buy a dozen or so!I cut the huge sheets into thirds and instant swiffer pads. Super absorbant and totallty washable!


This is such a fabulous idea, and I am definitely making my own!


Brilliant! Another example of your absolute brilliance! Gonna adapt this to my Sh-mop, which has a much bigger head and washable terrycloth covers for damp/wet mopping. This will be much better than repeatedly shaking out the stringy dustmop for the daily dustbunny round up on hardwood floors. Thank you for sharing!

Kim Plohocky

Thank you for sharing this idea. I did recently make the crochet version and it is nice, but it took me some time to make it, this looks easy and quick to make so thank you!

Michele Dickey

LOOOOVE THIS! I "swiffer" almost every day so this is great! Thank you so much for sharing this! Saw on Pinterest.


You're welcome, Michele! thanks for stopping by!


i'm ridiculously behind in reading your blog, but i found this on pinterest. i'm so excited that you made this tutorial. i got rid of a swiffer i had because i didn't like the waste, but my replacement doesn't sit flat on the floor and it doesn't get the edges very clean. i can't wait to find another swiffer out thrifting and then i'll make a ton of these cloths.


I love using my swiffer now that I can reuse the pads! Yay for recycling!

Ariela Haro von Mogel

Thanks for this tutorial! I have made 8 of these now, and have had some serious fun with the last four - making them look like little cowboy shirts! ;) I'm a beginner to the sewing world- so this project was really helpful for me to practice sewing basic lines, doing surge stitch, and putting fun designs on the side.


I have cats and use my swiffer daily so a few years ago I ran across some micro fiber cleaning cloths at Sam's I cut them in half and use them on my Swiffer . So if you don't have chenille it works even better! Love your blog:-)

Kris Gnuse

I love this idea. It's so clever and cute. I actually use the Pledge Grab-its and throw them in the wash after they get dirty. They are good for many uses that way, but this idea is even better.


We have those same sheets, too! Hilarious. Where did we all get them from?? Thanks for the great idea!


I have a silly question - I really want to make this but the chenille? What is it? I went to Joann's and I bought what is essentially a "minky" fabric - but I don't think that's what you used. I asked if they had chenille and they took me back to the upholstery fabric and showed me stuff that looks like a blanket my mom had - none of it had this texture. So, where do I find this mystery fabric? (I feel like it shouldn't be so complicated!) And - what is it? 100% cotton?


Socks work great too! Everyone has that basket full of lone socks. I just stretch them over each end of the swiffer. It may not look pretty but it works great!


I cut some for mine out of micro fiber cloths I bought at Sam's about 3 years ago. They are great and have been washed every week since then and still are holding up perfectly. I can see how chenille would pick up really well to. Love my swiffer!


I am sure going to make some.
Every penny save add up and I am going to make some for my daughter Thanks Penny

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