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23 January 2012


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Tabatha from Bending Pins

Adorable, I love it! The original umbrella photo reminds me of Kona solids. I love an original idea!


Wow that is so beautiful! Oh it makes me want a holiday!! Beautiful


I would have never thought to do this, but excellent idea! I can imagine a whole quilt of hot air balloons done this way.


Awesome, Penny! Well done.


Wow! So cool. I tried to click the picture to get a closer view to see if the edges are raw. Are they? It's not reverse applique where you cut the white out, right?

By the way, the umbrella makes me thirsty. It's the kind of pretty ones in fancy drinks.


Thanks for the tutorial Penny. I may just give this technique a try!


How very excellent and original and I do believe I already have from of the saral stashed... somewhere...


Way past cool!


Oh wow, this looks like FUN! Thanks so much for sharing, I can't wait to try this :)


Oh my gosh, did you use the wrong side of your fabrics for the "inside" of the umbrella? Stroke of genius! I got nervous when you said photo in your post title as I just don't picture you printing a photo to fabric, but you blew that idea out of the water! Amazing, and we've come to expect nothing less!!

lauree myler

just when i think i cant crush anymore you go and make something so amazingly awesome like this. thanks for sharing penny. this method will prove so HELPFUL with the cocorico bee block i am working on.


Very fun Penny - that little umbrella is super cute. You're SO clever!


Ack! I love this idea. I've got some very complicated blocks to do soon, and this just might be a technique I use.


Amazing! I've been thinking of something like this for a while and couldn't think how to do it. Thanks so very much for the tutorial. You always come up with the most clever ideas.


How fun... Kinda like paper peicing, but with a twist... thanks for sharing!


so so cute penny. love!

Marian Griffin

This is so awesome!!! Thanks for sharing. i love it.


too clever miss Penny! thanks for sharing!


Looks great!


Suzanne, yes, they are raw edges. No, not reverse applique.
Tara, I had that brilliant idea at the last minute, to use the back side of the fabrics. I really like how it turned out!!


Very smart. I expect no less from you.


What a cool technique! And I love that you used the wrong side of the fabrics to create depth.

Awesome! I expected no less from you :) I SO wish I could take your paper piecing retreat for more pictorial goodness.


Very clever, Penny! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you soooooooo much! I have been looking for something like this tracing paper. However didn't know what it was called and now - thanks to you - I have found it. Even here in Germany! I'm completely happy because now it will be much easier to trace the designs. Thanks a million!


wow its just so lovely!


This is a brilliant idea, thanks so much for sharing! I haven't sewn in a while, but have been itching to do a little project, this might be part of it now. Thanks again for being inspiring!


Love it! Thanks for sharing your process.

Terri Harlan

you are crazy talented!!


This is so cute. Thanks for the great tutorial


i adore the detail of some fabrics turned upside down. Penny, you are brilliant!

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