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13 January 2012


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Looking good... That's a fab looking machine, I'm having real trouble with my 6 month old Pfaff expression4 so may be looking at Bernina (I have an ancient Bernina ).which Bernina is yours?


oh my gosh...I can't imagine making 1008 yo-yos , good for you! The scrappy colors are really cute.

Samantha K.

I honestly forgot I was working on this project!!! But I think now after a break from making yo-yos,having even more scraps in my stash now from Christmas projects, and seeing a block finished--it will be my motivation to work on it again...that is-if I can remember where I put it ;) Thanks for sharing!


Ah, great way to attach them. Now I can finish my pillow top, lol.


Thanks Penny. I have so many other projects I wasn't too worried about this one. I have over 400 yo-yos made and haven't exactly decided how far to go. Like you, I will keep going for now because this is the only yo-yo quilt I will ever make.

Gene Black

OOoh.. I have been working on a yo-yo quilt for a bit and joining them is my least favorite part. Now I see I should be doing it on my machine!

Sharon M.

Penny, I was going to comment on the first post, but had our first grand baby due in November. Too busy with baby quilts! I started doing yo yo's 3 Years ago to do a coverlet for our queen size bed. I wanted to do a scrappy block surrounded by white yo yo's, all set on point. (like lattice work). I like small things, so I used the small yo yo maker that results in a yoyo about the size of a US quarter. I currently have 3000 scrappy ones and almost 500 white ones...I just couldn't get going on the "together" thing. I love the machine joining technique! Will try to get started after we get the new floor done. All the livingroom, diningroom, kitchen in laminate wood. Wish us luck! Sharon


Penny.........Thank you, thank you, thank you!

This looks easier than I had thought. Hopefully, I'll begin sorting into groups of 16 soon and get on with the sewing!

Thanks again!



THANK YOU, I am so excited to finish my quilt. And I really did not have time in November and december so your timeline worked fine for me. I think I will put down my knitting and get this project out!


Amazing way to put the yoyo's together! I think I'll rethink this and do some.
At the moment I'm (finally) putting together my hexagon quilt (all by hand, I might add). It's grown to an enormous size and I'm really thrilled to get it done.
Thanks for the wonderful tutorial!

Julia S

I have 900 yoyo's so far. On Monday my quilty friends were asking me about the yo yo along. They suggested I make a wedding dress with them, or a mantilla or an invisibility cloak (maybe this would work at a quilt show they suggested). They were having so much fun coming up with ideas for my yoyo's. But you came through for me and you can bet I'm going to tell them that we are moving ahead. I made my first "block" of yoyo's. It was quick and easy so THANK YOU. I don't know how to add a picture in Flickr but I'll check it out when I'm at that point. Love this, thanks!


well.....I am soooo behind on my yo yo's! just being honest here! ha!
I am not gonna quit though, might take me (way) longer now since before I focused on other projects that had to be done (gifts, Christmas and such) but I am going to commit to doing a certain amount of yo yo's each day...I really want to make a cute project using yo yo's. Thanks for showing us how to attach them!

Rachel at Stitched in Color

Nice! The bartack stitch is a great way to go.


I love the way you are putting them together! When I start my second one, which will be a long term project, I will join them together like this. Attaching them by hand is why it took me so long to finish my first!


I'm curious if this yo-yo quilt is going to be put onto a backing? Or if it's just a bunch of yo-yo's connected together! (I just started!)

Jeannette Lassiter

Where do you buy this thread?


I love making yo yo''s but always hesitate to do so...simply because I have not found a technique of joining them together...I love your idea...w2g

Josephine McGinnis

I would love to show the picture of my yo yo quilt. It fits a king size bed and made into squares that are bordered with unbleached cotton yo yo's. Each square was put together matching the color patterns or in some cases all alike. However, I do not know how to post my picture but I wish you could see it. [email protected]


I was wondering if you could use the same technique to stitch the yoyo's by machine onto backing? have you tried that at all?

Julia Lumpkins

Thank you Thank you Thank you I did not want to do all that connecting stuff by hand Julie L

Dianna Gadey

Gonna try this


Thanks so much for this fabulous way of working with yo-yos ! I've just begun making them and find they are very addictive! Plus, the size I am making works so well with charm packs and the Clover Yo-Yo maker (large)! Trying to find some fun ways to use them for Christmas.

Marny CA

After tying off a yoyo, I run the threaded needle through the inside and out the edge. I leave a tail long enough for tacking to next yoyo.

That way, I don't have to thread another needle, make a knot ... all I have to do when ready to sew the yoyos together is to use the tail of each to sew to the next.

After the tacking, run the thread back through and tie off invisibly.


where do you buy this thread?


Hi Wilma,
You can purchase Aurifil at several online stores like PinkCastlefabrics.com. Just do a google search for Aurifil thread and you will have several places to choose from to purchase it.

Ginny Chesonis

I have made 2 yo yo quilts..a queen size and a twin. I backed the each with a new bed sheet and they are beautiful to look at. My problem with each of them are that many of the individual yours have popped open, even though I was careful to knot them well.very frustrating to have to make the repairs! I like the way that has been suggested to connect each yo yo with a machine bar stitch. I did all mine by hand, but if I ever do another Inwill use that method to connect them together.my queen sized one too about 2500 yoyo's a and over a year to complete. It looks pretty on the bed, but those pop-opens have led me to pack it away for now.

Orly Cohen

Great tip, thank you. I am planning a youo quilt for a twin bed and i want to make it black and white. Does anyone have an experience using b&w for this pattern ? Most works I saw were colorful , thanks Orly


This is my someday project! I have started a collection of yo-yos.


Beautiful! My problem is all the openings left... Have you seen or tired the square yo-yo? I haven't had the nerve to try them yet.


I made a yoyo quilt a few years ago. I think it is beautiful and so do my friends and relatives. It was a lot of work but well worth it.

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