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14 February 2012


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My keys aren't too bad since I share them with the hubs (we share a car). I tried marking some with a sharpie but that rubs off!!

Thanks for a great giveaway! Would love to make a cute keychain :)


My key chain is the boring car dealership key chain, telling me that after one more oil change I get a free one... I need a beautiful new one. Thanks.


I have 2 house keys (one for front and one for back), a key for our shed, car key and car remote. I have a really cute pewter mickey mouse keychain that I got at disneyland this past summer, and I love it!

Thanks for the giveaway.

ellen patton

I just have my keys on a ring. Bo-RING.

Jamie Lee

This keychain is perfect for a minimalist like myself. I only have my car key on my keychain. I guess I am in charge of nothing:)

The leaves are cute. They could be developed into easy gift tags probably.


I am proud to say that my key fob is the cleanest it has been in years. So it needs something fancy and new on it! Right now I have a car key, a car remote, a house key, and a garage key on it. My FORD keytag from my old 1963 fairlane broke off last week so I am truly a minimalist at the moment.

Thanks to you and Leila for the giveaway!


I havE a few key chain reward squares and a mini jack knife. I am worried it will come open and stab my leg while driving. However I am keeping it in case I have to cut my seat belt off if submerged in a lake. Mostly serious

Ellen Ban

My keychain is one of those wrist ones made of webbing and FMF Blue bouquet fabric. I bought it a few years ago when I thought it was the only way I'd ever get some of that FMF. All the keys on it are current!
Enjoyed listening to your interview with Pat Sloan.


Right now my key fob is a pewter Florida Gator mascot (my alma mater). I was thinking originally that I use most of my keys, but now that I've looked at it I have several that I don't recognize and one that I don't know about at all. Hmmmm.....


I am still using the same key chain that I received for my 16th birthday!! And I'm a minimalist in regards to keys - only 2 on my keychain! I'd love to make a new one for myself but even more so I'd love to make one for my daughter.

karen peachey

I recently made myself a scrappy fmf key fob to go with with the purchase of our new vehicle! I love being able to find them now!


I'm embarrassed to say I have a heavy key set.. most of which I don't even use on a daily basis. My key fob is my name in print, and a flashlight attached to it. It's clunky so now would be a good time to downsize!


I don't have a key gov, just a key ring. This would make my ugly keys look so pretty! Hope I win!

Patti Tappel

My key ring has a cross on it hand forged by my blacksmith husband!


My key fob is a big leather thing that's about 30 years old and has keys on it that I have long forgotten what doors from the past they open. I'm loving the leaf design!


I've been using the same key chain for 20+ years (a clear acrylic tube w/ sparkles) ... & I really should change it out :) I will say I'm good with only keep the bare minimum keys (7) on it too. thanks for the chance to win!


My key chain is a Texas star on leather...looks like a mans....and the star is falling out of the leather....this is super cute!! Thanks for the chance.

Penny G

My key chain is just the one attached to the car emblem thing. I quit carrying house keys so I don't need that and I don't work anymore so I lost those keys.I have keys to the neighbors homes, but they are all in various containers. Our house keys are in a sort of lock box, no need to carry the key to the safety deposit box. Until 5 years ago I carried about 20 keys most of which were work related - no more work - no more keys and I love the freedom. I would like the leaves to use along with the Honda lock fob.


My key chain isn't bad - I know what all 15 or so keys are for. But I have a cup full of keys that are a mystery, and I have managed to lose the key for an old truck with photos and papers of my ancestors!

Renee G

I actually have two sets of keys --- my car keys and everything else. This would be great for the everything else--- the are currently on a purple caribiner.


my key chain is in idaho but it would be happier if it were on vacation in hawaii or florida!


My key chain is a silver one that my best friend gave me when I was a bridesmaid in her wedding 18 years ago. It has sentimental value, but has definitely seen better days. I only have five keys on it--two keys for my house, one key to my dad's house, my car key, and a bike lock key. And my car beeper thingy.


My key chain either is a souvenir from colleague or friends or a door gift from computer fair or travel fair.
Thanks for the chance to win.


I have to worlds most boring keys. I have a red key so I remember which is the front door key. As for a fob I have a Woolworths frequent points fog that i scan when I food shop, oh and its broken so it is hard to scan.

How sad that my keys depress me.



Ooh what a pretty picture those leaves hanging from those jars!!
Thank you for everything Penny xx


Mine is the rubbery yellow carmax keychain from when we bought the van. In 2007. It fits in my pocket and is highly visible!


I have a little crafted felt monster on my key chain. But it lost its eyes. SO I think I need something new :)

Sharon Griffith

Hi there wyes I know what my keys are for only because every January my husband goes thru them and takes any off that I do not use ans tells me what is left which usually is only my car and house. My present key fob is a metal oval piece of the Blessed Mother. Would love to add the leaf so she has company...Have a wonderful day.

Heidi K

My keys are on a boring metal ring. And that's that! It needs some reviving...


My key chain is a plastic ear tag as worn by cattle!! honestly!


My keys are HEAVY! (which my Honeyman keeps telling me is very bad for my car ignition! OOPS!) I only have keys for three cars, but each one has a 'box of buttons' and that gets heavy! I even have the key to my Honeymans truck even though mine does not work to start it?? LOL


I have two sets of keys--my car key and house key are on a simple caribiner to attach to my purse strap and my other set has another house key, the key and key fob for the second car and all of those little grocery scan tags. That one has a serenity prayer medal on it. What I like about the leaves is they add a pretty touch without being heavy. Thanks for the pretty pattern giveaway.


My key chain needs an overhaul, I it's made out of keys from former houses and savey savey cards from places I don't go. I pulled it out one day and my friend asked me if I was a janitor, lol!

Thanks for chance!



Oh, lordy- my keychain is a carabener (that's probably spelled wrong) that I got at my undergraduate university a good 10 years ago! This lovely leaf keychain would be a huuuuuuuuuuge improvement. :)

Rebecca Kennedy

My keys are utilitarian and on the boring side and are home to many of those shopper cards!


Just got the car back from the shop, so the current fob is a big plastic one with the auto shop's name on it. Bore-ring!

Samantha K.

Funny you should have this as a question now--last night we had to call a friend of ours to come out and unlock our shed because apparently on my keyring (no key chain) of non-vehicle keys, I don't have a key for our shed! Both my husband and I have 2 key rings-one has auto keys on and the other has all non-auto keys on so we aren't having to turn the car off because we forgot something in the house, which is very handy. But I'd love to add some bling to my key rings to prevent my hubby from taking them :) THanks!


my profession is realtor...my key chain screams janitor! AHHH :( 20 million keys with lovely pepper spray key fob...i think this would "soften" my look! :)


I am a key carrying minimalist: house key and car key. Any others are dumped in the top, left desk drawer. We have had to spend time trying them out if we need one. Maybe some organization is in order. Thanks for the giveaway.


My key 'fobs' are in Portland, Oregon and what don't I have with my keys? I've got a coin from China (it has a hole) that my Dad gave me, a fishing lure with a really small heart hanging from it, a skate key (as in, I got a brand new pair of roller skates, you got a brand new key) and a copper washer that I found on the street. I use the washer to hang my keys. Only 3 keys tho ~ teehee!

Marilee Kline

Not only do I not have a fob, I have my keys screwed onto the original ring that came when we bought the car.


These are really really cute! My keys - well, I have this ginormous key for my car - key in integrated into the remote opener thing. Then 8 keys for doors at work! And a key for my laptop??? That I have never used, but feel like I should keep. And a kroger card and a blockbuster card (like, when is the last time I rented a movie there?? ok, not so long ago, but still - I don't need it with me every day :) ) What a mess.


My key chain is a simple attachment that has a carabiner on it to clip onto a place inside my pocketbook so that I can always find it. Funny thing --- when I first read your post and you said to say what state your key chain was in, my first thought was to say GEORGIA. Then I realized you didn't mean the 'actual residence'. Would love to win the pattern.


Those are so cute! I just have my car key (which is the fob) and a house key, but TWO Auburn keychains, a carabiner, and 7 of those little scan-cards. I need to downsize, and wouldn't I love to downsize to just ONE of those scrappy leaves!


Those key fobs are too cute. My key chain is boring, just keys hooked to a ring.


My key fob is a souveneir from The VanGogh Museum. Happy memories of my trip to The Netherlands!


I have a bunch of random keys, a resin bear and a lanyard I made for myself :)


My keys are really easy...I have 1 key for my car and it has a matryoska key cover on it. My factory key fob is attached but I don't have a keychain on it. I think I could use one :-)


My keys aren't bad-I rarely drive, so I don't keep a car key on the chain. Just 2 keys for the house, 1 for the mail box, and 2 for the office. Pretty simple! Would love to jazz them up a little though.

Nancy D.

I actually have two sets of keys. One is my home which has three rings and just two keys - truck and house key. The other rings are all the little fobs with kiddos school pics for the years 2004 thru 2009 (12 total!) along with a Petsmart fob. I also have a pewter N with a mouse. It's kind of heavy, but that's how I usually find it in my purse. My other set of keys are work keys with four keys and a couple of charm things attached. I colored the actual keys on the long part with differnt colored sharpies so I could tell them apart - orange is the bathroom, blue is the computer room, green is for a file room that's never locked and the only plain one is for our front door!. My purse would probably weigh a lot less if I had a cloth fob instead! lol

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