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03 February 2012


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Congratulations! how exciting!


When i saw the FQ issue was paper I wondered if you would have a pattern in there. And you do! Congratulations


It looks like such a great issue! I'm so glad you were included in it.


I was very excited to see the elixir bottle pattern. Glad you were a part of the latest issue - it's one of the best yet.

krista - Poppyprint

I love your Elixer bottle!!! So sweet. I have a bit of a thing for long skinny quilts that are perfect for long skinny wall spaces (of which I have many).I think it's super fun to be in TWO publications together this month, Penny!


I've go the issue and I love this design. Want to take your class so bad ~ trying to figure out how to do it!


This is such an excellent issue - and your project is lovely. I would soooo love to take a class from you! Your work is impeccable!

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