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30 March 2012


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we are done with our taxes... happily! we have squirreled away our returns already too!


My hubby is focused on taxes from January 1st until he gets all his necessary forms and can file online, usually in mid February. I haven't done my own taxes in years!

The blanket is really beautiful! I've already been over to Etsy to look at it. Can't wait to see the finished product!


This is simply gorgeous! YOu are so very talented! I tried crocheting some booties for my little girl...um it was a disaster! ha wish I had your talent! :-)


come check out my blog all about color! I think you'd really like it!

Alice R.

Pretty flowers! aces me wish I crocheted. I can think of so many uses for them.

Yep, ugh, taxes. Hubby does ours, but I have to do my elderly parents. Things have changed this year so there was so much to seek out. Got the last of it yesterday (I hope!). Will be so glad to be done!


what in the H!!! OOohhh Penny.... i'm loving what i'm seeing! YOU are a crochet master-pants!! ;)

x, H


These flowers are gorgeous!


Love the crochet project! It is so pretty!! No, I wish I was done, half-way there! Have a lovely weekend!! xo Heather


I need crocheting lessons from you! I miss you!! I've been meaning to call you so many times recently. Things have just been well, interesting. Let's catch up soon xoxo


I'm still drudging away on our Belgian taxes. Ugh! Now isn't a good time .. but I really would love to do a crochet a long with these flowers .. do you think there would be interest?


It's always such a relief to have taxes completed!
I'm not sure about the crochet along, you'd just have to put it out there and see if anyone responds?

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