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23 April 2012


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Such a lovely mess! As a winner of some of those prizes, it was pretty amazing! Can't wait to come do it again someday.


Such lovely goodies for everyone, hope you had the best time x


Looks like fun!


The retreat was immense fun! Love these weekends!


So glad it was a success for you! Maybe one day I'll make it to a quilt event.


Looks like a great event in so many ways.


It wouldn't have been the same without you Jessica! Thank you for coming :)


It was super and everyone that attended made me so proud!


So glad you were there, Carmen. Your smile was infectious all weekend!




It really, really was, Suzanne!


OH, I'm so happy to hear that it was a success! and so sorry to have missed it too, tho had a fun weekend with my son and daughter-in-law.
Here's hoping you'll do another and I can come!


Thank you, Elsa! I'm glad you had a great weekend with family!


I MUST attend your workshop one day...!! So jealous of all the women who got to hang out with you and the goodies are amazing!


you are so sweet, Ayumi! If you ever came to one of my workshops, I'd insist you teach or we teach together! I learn so much from your work everytime you post something.

Laurie Wisbrun

It looks like you guys had a great workshop!! xo


We did, Laurie! Thank you so much once again for sending some bundles of your fabric!

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