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01 April 2012


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That looks very fun! I do that too, towels for dishes and towels for hands.


It is! Especially the part about using up some of those scraps!


I love them! I have a box full of scraps I'm always trying to use up - I can't wait to make some up!
Thanks for your inspiring ideas


You're welcome Caity!! It's so nice having a supply of cute hand towels!


these are great Penny! love the colour coding idea :)


Thank-you, Nova! :)


So very pretty!!! I would need black ones for around here....sigh.


These are so fun!! I love the patchwork pattern! Thanks for sharing! xo Heather


Love these! Thanks for the great, practical tute! We use the same towel set-up at our house, though so far the hand towels aren't that cute!


Love the way you laid out the quarter circles! So cute!!


I feel for you, Allie! :)


:) Thank you Ayumi!


I love the color coded towels and the bling of scraps on the linen.


thank you, Suzanne!


cute! Have u ever used linen for cloth napkins? I want to make some but not sure if I want to use linen or cotton. Do u have an opinion?


Great towels!!! Thanks for sharing your process. Good luck with the taxes ;-)


adorbs and so you!! xo


I love making these little towels. I gave a few to my niece as a shower gift but I am not sure she knew what to do with them. Haha

Nkki McDonald

If you use your 1/4 in. foot and sew along the edge, the edges will roll in very easily, You can press them or sew them again with the 1/4 in foot. Much easier than trying to fold in a 1/4 in and then press. You could baste or use matching thread, but since you are zig zagging it does not matter.


That's a great suggestion, Nikki!

Christine Bolin

I really, really, really like these.

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