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27 April 2012


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Kalynn Fail

I think you should name her Julie. When my youngest was the only one left at home he would always blame everything on Julie. If something mysteriously happened around the house it was always "Julie did it" We don't know who or what Julie was but she was responsible for a lot of things at our house. So all the fantastic things you make you can just say "I couldn't have done it without Julie"

michelle pen

How about Jukita (kinda like chachita bannanas) or jukalicious... or Lola. My husband has a Juki but it is an industrial machine so sorry, can't give you any tips. Good luck on naming her. How about Gertrude (gertie for short)


I suggest Sukey! Or you could spell it Sookie, if you are a True Blood fan. :) I am totally intrigued by the idea of a thread cutter on the foot pedal, as I more or less hate having to cut the threads on my machine.


I like Jake but maybe that's because I've seen that State Farm commercial so many times (and I really like it).

mindy t

Congrats on the new machine. She is beautiful. The first name that came to mind was Eleanor. My bernina is Fiona.


Junie works for me - what model machine is she? I'm tentatively looking for a new one...but trying not to let my wonderful 30 year old Pfaff machine find out about it!

Amy in VA

Yuki means snow or blessing in Japanese. Popular name. Yuki the Juki


Penny, you are a terrible influence! I was so intrigued by your purchase since I have considered a Juki before, that I started checking out which other bloggers have one. I read AJ's FAQ and then remembered that Rita at RPQ had been using her Juki recently while her Bernina was in the shop. My friend Frieda from HMQG also has one and loves it. So in hopefully as little as 48 hours I will be the proud new owner of one. Can't wait to see what you sew on it and how you like it!


oh yay!!!! I really think you're going to love it!! After we worked out a few kinks, mine quilts like butter and is so fast!! I love my Julika!!


How about Annabella


Tips for Jukis--- yes there is a 1/4 foot. My local repair man said that I could use any foot that fits the shank size for her too. I already have the ones I need though so I haven't tried that out.

Tips the thread cutter is awesome, but you may have a problem of the bobbin thread getting bunched up on the back of your project - not a huge deal for piecing but annoying for quilting. I love the knee presser foot lift - how did I ever live without it? Oh that thread cutter button on the presser foot - if you have troubles accidentally hitting it you can just unplug that part of it - which is what I do when FMQing. Oh and they like oil. The manual says to oil daily if you use it daily. (I need to go oil mine come to think of it). :) Oh and my repair man says that if you keep it oiled/dusted it'll run all day every day for the rest of your life. :) How's that for a glowing recommendation!?


thank you so much, Emily! These are such helpful suggestions!


i just got this machine a few weeks ago. overall i love it, but i've had lots of trouble when piecing for a quilt. i felt like everything was sliding around and i couldn't get even stitches and regular seam allowances.

i bought a 1/4 inch foot (not a juki because that was really pricy, i got one that fits the juki and it works perfectly).

i love how this machine sews through six layers of canvas without a hitch! I am so glad i invested in this baby!


I have the TL98Q and love it .. so much so that I got the F300 about 2 years later ... I don't use that one that much but love it anyway.


Ell juki Bella sounds like a nice name to me.

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