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27 April 2012


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I like June Bug. It just seems to suit her.


How 'bout Juki Sewhouse? You know, like Suki Stackhouse from Charlaine Harris's vampire books?? lol ;)


how about phoebe?

Looks like you are going to have a lot of fun with that one!! Can't wait to hear more about it!


I think the Juki I just got is the same as yours! Someone already mentioned, but mine came with what's supposed to be a 1/4" foot, which does seem to make wider seams than my other machine's 1/4" foot.

I vote for Heloise Von Snoffenkitten. :)


lol Anna!


I like it too, the song reminds me of my dad because we listened to old country as I was growing up.


ohh that's a good one Randi, and a catchy tune!




so funny Lee Ann! You have a brother and a sister!


but of course.




that's the way it always is with me!


L-man has reverted to Jukemeister in his texts to me. so funny


loooove the thread cutter on the foot control! It's like virtually hands free sewing!


Thanks for the heads up on the stitch length, Arlene. I'm relieved you approve of my machine after seeing the machines that you own/owned! You've got good taste! I can't name her Stella, that's my espresso machines name!


Bertha! Now that's a sturdy name fo'sho'!


I like rhymes too Amanda and Juki Kabuki is so cute!


REally like Violet :)


Sadie and I must be twinkies! Julie was the first name I thought of!


Maybe Junkie can be your nickname for her Kerry! It'll be our secret!


Belly laughing here, Jane! We absolutely need to make a quiltkin some day! Maybe we could collaborate and do a project submission to a magazine??


Then we'd have a Lenny, Penny, and Jenny in the house! Woot! Thanks for the tips on the feet, Katie!


Now that's a good solid name too!


I like Phoebe too!


Jukinie (as in bikini) ~ I think that's a cute name!
I've been wanting one of these sewing machines! I love my Janome but I think a Juki would be a great addition to my sewing world!


I vote for Jenny, cos it rhymes with Penny!

Jan S.

Suki the Juki :)


How about jurika? It's a pretty sweet name, and she looks like a jurika!


Betty Sue... SuSu for short. Sounds better than SewSew. LOL!!




I've always wanted a Juki.
Which model would you recommend for quilting?
I looked up the meaning for the name JUK: J=Jubilant U=useful K= keepsake.
She is all of that!
I would call her Jublilant for short.


The Juke-box -----------cause she hums away.


I think she looks like Nancy would suit her....


JuJu is my first suggestion though Jewel would also be in the running.


Jukebox? so people can ask "what's playing on the jukebox today?" HST? Flying Geese? A quilt, a bag...


OH some of those names are so cute. I thought "Julie Juki". I could 'talk' to a Julie, so you could talk to her.

Good luck choosing a name.


I say Lola or Betsy.

karen peachey

Jokes is what I think of when I hear Juki!

Danielle Raichel

Gertrude! A stellar gal with moxi and pep! :)


I think she's going to be a work horse for you. I was thinking of horse names and horse expressions like giddy up, gidget. Or you could call her Nellie so she will respond when you reach the end of a seam and say, "Whoa, Nellie!" :-)

Dresden Quilter

I like Juliette or Julie. Congratulations on your Juki!


I'm not good at naming anything, but after seeing the carrot pincushion, there is no way do I not leave a comment on this post, lol! I just looked up Juki's website and randomly found the president's name which is Akira. So how about Akira? LOL or maybe something to do with tree? (Juki means trees in nature.) ;)


Oops sorry for leaving another comment! (please don't count this one)
I just wanted to let you know I was wrong about a tree! It just meant a heavy machine! Very boring lol!


you are too funny, Ayumi! I guess heavy machine is very appropriate, she's a beast!


Name her Esperanza. It means "hope", but as a Latin-based verb, it is literally "wait". You've waited for this machine, not losing hope. :-)


Hi Penny- I have a Bernina and Stella calls the machine Banana. I am looking for another backup sewing machine and also came cross Juki awhile ago. I think it is a good machine, but do you love love love it?? I was thinking about Janome Hello Kitty. Do you think KIKI is a good name? p.s. I spot your sewing case in the photo... My goodness!!

Polly Graham

Since her main attribute seems to be that she's so fast, I 'd name her "Snookie" after another girl known for being fast...and not very difficult to figure out.


I just got the brother pq1500s that is a similar model (LOVE how fast it is) and I named it Darryl. This wouldn't work as well for a Juki. Have fun!

Robin D.

Since your espresso machine is named Stella, my mind gravitates towards Blanche. (from "A Streetcar Named Desire") In the play, Blanche is known for her beauty and for being "fast". Congratulations on your new machine, Penny!


I always liked the name Suki (plus it rhymes!). It's a Japanese name for a little girl meaning One Who is Loved. Pretty sweet, heh? The more formal version of the name is Sukiko (you could reserve that for when your machine is misbehaving and needs a stern talking to! LOL :)

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