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18 May 2012


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Heidi Staples

Absolutely gorgeous! Love your color scheme!!


I love it! Those are my colors in the 4x5.


This is absolutely gorgeous. Be happy I live in another country or I would beg you to please provide me with the information I need to sneak over and steal it. :-)

Katie B

This is really cool!


That's just the PERFECT outer border! It finished it off so nicely.

Sandra Davidson

I would never thought of putting gray and orange together and I really love it. The quilt is gorgeous. Blessings Sandra


Lovely...and the person holding the quilt really knows what she's doing! Must be a professional.


This is beautiful!! You should link it up to Amy's Creative Side Bloggers' Quilt Festival.


That's! So! Pretty! Yay for you and your beemates! :)


Your quilt looks amazing!!


It's lovely, Penny! And the quilting is great - adds a fun texture. I am inspired to try this now, thank you for sharing!
Have fun with the stack of tops in line. I am working through mine, trying to take the time to enjoy the process. There's probably about 5...

; )


I really adore the colours. I must find a way to leave my comfortcolours and make something like this :).... soon when I dare and the exams are finished ;)
regards Emma

Linda Dixon

Orange is the color of creativity. You've done a fabulous job of matching the focus fabric.

Sarah C.

Wow, Penny - that is one amazing quilt! And I want to make a whole quilt that looks like the block two from the left, two down! Wouldn't that make a great one-block quilt?


what a fab quilt, i love all the different blocks


Beautiful! I'd like to make one too! could you name all the blocks?

amy ( sew~amy)

I just needed to tell you that I love this quilt so much.


:) In that case, I'm very happy you live in another country!


Isn't it though, Amy? L-man picked it out for me! He picked the perfect fabric!


By george, I think she did a fab job too. I think she is well on her way to being the most sought after quilt holder in the universe!


Thanks for noticing the quilting, Marit! It was super fun doing it with my Juki and I'm so happy with how it turned out!


thank you so much, Linda!


that would be so cool, Sarah! I really like that block too :)


Elsa, I would love to help you, but these were all bee blocks made by other women and I think some of them were improv! I'm sure if you just picked out 25 different designs and used similar colors it would turn out fab! The blocks are 12.5" btw!


well I'm so glad that you did! Thank you, Amy!

diane stanley

this quilt gives me hope for when I finally get around to putting my 3x6 blocks together. It is beautiful


It's soo lovely, I really missed sewing with you ladies!


thank you Michelle! We missed you too!


Completely awed by the colors. And design of course.


Really love the colors in this quilt....beautiful


I'm always amazed how bee blocks always work out and look great together! And especially this one since everyone used their own fabrics, I just asked for certain colors. I really love how this quilt looks!!


I agree, they look so good together!!


This is AMAZING!!!


thank you so much, Dayna! So what are you thinking? Will you be at quiltcon next year? I'd love to finally meet you!

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