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07 May 2012


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WOW - this is spectacular, Penny, I love it! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!


thank you, Allie!!!

Diane stanley

Lucky mama. I've never had a quilt made for me besides a mini.


What an adorable quilt!! Love these prints with the blue background


It'e beautiful Penny -- I'm sure your Mom will love it!!!


I love the colors, it's really wonderful ~ your Mom will love it (lucky Mom)!


Wow I love it. And I love Kaufman fabric. You and it are a great marriage.

Laurie Wisbrun

Oh. My. Goodness!! The quilt top itself was phenomenal. But the quilting!! Its gorgeous Penny!!!


That is one gorgeous quilt!!! I am in love with the backing and need to go find some to buy!

Debbie Gilmore

Your Mama is going to be so Gaga over that quilt! I also love the name of your new Juki! "Julika"


I had the same problem when I first tried to quilt with my Juki and come to find out my table was way too high. If you have trouble in the future, adjust your chair or try a lower table.


What a fantastic quilt! I really like how all the fabrics you chose work together.


I really like the bright blue background! It really tones down the Christmas-y aspect of the line. And I am totally jealous that you had it all quilted AND bound in less than 3 hours.


Had to laugh at myself when I realize the backing was a print and not your quilting! Great job and one very blessed Mother. Blessings to you!


Congratulations to Effie! :-)


Maybe one day you won't be able to say that anymore, Diane! :)


why thank you so much, Kelsey!


Thanks Anna, I hope so!


:) thank you Elsa!


thanks so much, Nanette!


Thank you, Laurie!! I wanted the quilting to resemble a breezy wind, so I hope that's what you're seeing when you look at the quilting!




I thought I had remembered you talking about that at AJ's workshop, Kelly! I think my problem has been fixed though, but I'll keep this in mind!


Right?? Julika quilted it like butter once we worked out the kinks!


Thank you Arlene! And happy mother's (and grandmother's) day to you!


Beautiful quilt!! Love the fabric!! So bright and cheery!! The backing is such a fun print!! Great Job! xo Heather


thank you Heather! My mom received it a couple of days ago and says she really loves the colors :)


Gorgeous quilt, which Kona solid is it?

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