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21 May 2012


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My adorable granddaughter puts a smile on my face!

Becky Greene

My oldest son was home from college and that certainly put a smile on my face!!


My husband coming home from a business trip definately put a smile on my face.

ko. s

That quit is stunning! As for a smile moment this weekend. It would be seeing my youngest son happily playing with his brother outside after being sick for an entire week!


Playing scrabble in the backyard with my husband on a beautiful almost-summer day.


I got a truckload of free wood chippings to use as mulch from a friend down the road and it was full of worms which my garden needs so badly! I was thrilled :)
I love your quilt Penny! I vow to be more daring and fmq the heck out of my next quilt (though I keep saying that and changing my mind at the last second!).


The warm sunny weather while celebrating Norwegian Constitution Day with a parade and picnic in the park on Sunday put a smile on my face!


I watched my six year old son wear flippers at a swim birthday party. The effort of walking in them made me chuckle so hard.


My 2.5 year old son always puts a smile on my face!

Cathi in Texas

My teenage granddaughter, stopping in to show me her new hairdo on her way to a function with friends. She's usually a little reserved, so I was happy she took the time to show grammy.

Jennie P.

Getting some much needed sleep!!


Well your quilt made me smile, it's beautiful... Makes me want to go sew!


I spent a warm sunny weekend with my husband and baby volunteering at a sheep farm in the hills and talking quilts with the owner. *sigh*


Belated Mother's Day with my family!


My husband making me banana pancakes over the weekend. :) This quilt is so lovely! I am just amazed by the way the colors and prints weave in and out of each other. I wouldn't think to mix all of these together, but the end result is so perfect and harmonious! Beautiful finish. :)


We head the first summer-like weekend of the year. It was b.eautiful


I will have a great Monday; it's beautiful here and the flower garden needs to be planted. What put a smile on my face this weekend was that I was able to join my Aunt's family and help celebrate Aunt Ilo's 80th birthday!! She's a charmer.


My peonies are in bloom!


There were so many things this past week that put a smile on my face and tears too! Our latest baby of the family was born without cystic fibrosis (that's a big one), my dil's mom and little sister came up for a visit and we had lots of family time and yesterday my son graduated from PNCA! It has been a wonderful weekend full of food, fun and family time. Very grateful.

Love this quilt ~ you always put colors together brilliantly!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Emily V.

Cool quilt! I smiled when I heard my 7 year old son recite 3 verses from the Bible that he has memorized.

Peny J

A tiny baby at church made me smile this weekend! God's creation in the flesh!


The 5 year-olds I teach at church put a big smile on my face! Such a precious age!


I smiled this weekend watching my daughter and step-daughter choreograph ballet dances to....disco! :)

Your quilt is beautiful and a gift certificate to Joyful Soul is just awesome!


A relaxing weekend at the local lake with good friends

Letty Shirkey

Found an old Kenmore model 47 at a yard sale that is in great condition. Looking to continue the love/sew years to come with her. She has lots of chrome, deep purple brown color. Oldie but goodie...heavy as a Tank...but solid.

diane stanley

I arrived at my son's home yesterday and all four of my grandchildren came running out to the car screaming "bubbi" and hugging and kissing me. Now who wouldn't smile at all that joy?

Sarah L.

Sitting on my back porch, watching the sunset and talking to my beautiful room mate!

Samantha K.

My one, and only younger (can't say little as he is almost a foot taller than I) brother graduated high school this weekend. As he his 9 years younger than I, we fought more than anything when we were younger, but have become very close over the past few years. I am so proud of him, and who he has become! That is what put a smile on my face over the weekend, and maybe a few tears that were held back!


All 3 of my boys were home on Sunday...yep, I was smiling!!!


I woke up late Sunday, ate my breakfast in bed with my hubby, then had a long nap and got to listen to my two kiddos laughing so very hard together while playing video games :-) They are 14 and 18 and don't "hang-out" all that much anymore....so hearing them laughing and playing games together just warmed my heart and had me laughing and smiling from ear to ear!


The fact it finally stopped raining and the sun poked his face out made me smile!


Wishing my grandson a happy 7th birthday put a smile on my face. It was by phone, but I could hear hs smile in his voice!


Wow your new quilt is gorgeous! Seeing my grandchildren made me smile this weekend.


Getting to see extended family! Thanks for the giveaway!

Robin (not ever sewing)

My town's annual parade was yesterday. SO CUTE. We go every year.


Love that quilt (and everything else you make)!! My first granddaughter had her 1st birthday party in my yard on Saturday and that put a big smile on my face!

Rineke Nanlohij

Sunday my boss phoned asking if I would like a day of! And so unexpectedly, I could watch my son playing soccer and enjoyed the beautiful weather.


I spent the weekend in Western Kansas. Seeing thousands of acres of wheat a week or so before harvest, put a smile on my face. The wind really made it 'amber waves of grain' and it was beautiful!


My mom made chocolate chip cookies. I don't know how her's are the very best cookies ever, since I can make them with the exact same ingredients and they never taste or look the same!


I went to a yard sale and found a couple of hand crocheted pot holders. Perfectly vintage-y and sweet. That put a smile on my face.

Jen B.

Saturday morning snuggle time with my 4 1/2 year old always puts a smile on my face. :)


even better quilted! This made me smile. Sincerely.


Watching my granddaughter playing on a small slide. :-)


I finally made my first block of the NY Beauty quilt along. It turned out just like I'd hoped, which almost never happens for me. I have it right here by my computer so I can keep reminding myself of this little accomplishment. :)


Realizing that today was the last Monday for this school year before my students are on summer break.



I got to spend some time playing Diablo 3 this weekend. Very fun.

Heidi Staples

Oh my word, Penny, this quilt is stunning!! I couldn't love it more...

My smile today is due to the fact that my husband has a four day weekend coming up this week. Hallelujah!

Thanks so much for the giveaway!


This past weekend my 23 year old daughter and I went to see my grandmother. It's been several years and it was wonderful. Thanks for the giveaway.


Honestly I remember saying this on Staurday, but I got my dog some rawhide bone and i let him take it out of the packet himself and he looked so happy :) I know that's a bit minor and pathetic compared to some of these comments but when a dog looks happy, you can't help but smile!


I told my 5 year old that he was getting too big to fit in my arms like a baby so he curled up into the smallest ball possible on my lap and said "See I still fit" My heart melted.

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