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21 May 2012


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Linda Dixon

That's a good question! And, the answer is: the sun bouncing off of the twirly thing in my yard, my dog bounding out the door in search of the squirrel, taking time to work on some projects for me instead of service project quilts...oh, just a thousand and one things. :-)


Having my brother visit after not seeing him for 5 years really brought a smile!


i love this quilt so so so so much!

Joelle lambert

I went into the bathroom with my 2 month old fussy granddaughter, turned the hair dryer on and watched as she stuffed 5 fingers into her mouth and promptly fell asleep. Sweet.

krista - Poppyprint

I spent the entire afternoon on Sunday mowing my front yard, then trimming up the garden and weeding. My husband kindly followed behind, cleaning up all the mess I'd left and when it was all done, I was so happy everything was all neat and tidy again in the front of our little house. That made me smile. Next weekend, the back!

I adore everything about your quilt.


I got to celebrate my friend's daughter's 13th birthday.


The solar eclipse was so great. It made me smile to watch my kids be so fascinated by it. caraleesearl at Yahoo dot com

Sandra Davidson

Seeing my two grand boys together for first time in a year. One little boy (5) is blind and the other boy is 4 and just watching them relate to each other was interesting and certainly brought many smiles to my face and heart.


Sitting outside in the sunshine put a smile on my face this weekend. The quilt is very pretty!

Sarah C.

Spending the weekend with my husband out of town, and then coming home to find five quilts for the Hands2Help Challenge in the mail!! The icing on the cake of a great weekend!!


My husband's compliments on the tiny cherry pies I made for him! :)


Spending time in the yard with my mom trimming lavender :)


We took our soon-to-be high school graduate to orientation at his college on Monday... put a smile on ALL of our faces !


My kids wrestling. They're finally both old enough to not accidentally damage each other, so I got to just sit back and listen to the giggles.


So fun reading everyone's comments! This past weekend the Evening Grosbeaks were back at our feeder. I love birds as much as I enjoy sewing & creating, so it's always a thrill to see new and returning birds outside my kitchen window.


I love your quilt! I still have a smile on my face from this weekend and here is why: I saw my grandmother who showed me her new laptop (it's sweet!). She told me she was going to buy a case and I said, "don't do that, I'll make you one". I then made her a really fine case using cloth that she had given me when she turned over her stash. PS She is the person who taught me how to sew... :)


That is a fab quilt!! I'm not sure much made me smile last weekend, I was so busy preparing for a business trip that I didn't get any sewing time and I didn't get to spend much time with my Mr.


Your quilt put a smile on my face - how gorgeous! And helping 1st-6th graders lead worship at our church last Sunday was good for some smiles too :)


that quilt is so wonderful! What a great collection of blocks and fabrics. simply stunning. And the quilting is so cool.


:) thank you Cinzia!

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