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15 June 2012


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Penny, I'm so glad to hear that you were able to come back home. We've been hearing about the fire and it's so awful that it hasn't been contained yet. Praying for you and for rain!


I don't see how they can contain it with all the beetle kill. It's mind boggling!


Oh my gosh Penny! that is so crazy, I'm so glad to hear you're able to get back into your home. and will be thinking of you and your neighbors...

Dayna Greenleaf

Praying for you guys from Boulder.. I will never forget what it felt like a couple of years ago when we were packed and ready to go! Scary times, praying for lots of rain and NO lightening or wind!


I grew up in and lived for a number of years with my husband in southern Wyoming and I know how difficult it has been to manage forest fires with the current drought conditions (not to mention the pine bark beetle damage). My husband was a wildland firefighter during our college years, and there were summers where he was gone for weeks at a time fighting large fires all over the western states. I'm glad that you are safe and that your home was untouched! I will keep you and your neighbors in my thoughts (and try to send some of our Seattle rain your way!). :)


Praying for rain! I used to live in Fort Collins and I love that area.


I forgot you were in that area! I can't imagine having to evacuate - not knowing for sure what to take and then loading it all up. So glad you're back in your house. Prayers for some rain and a break in the fire.

I'm going to be in the Denver area tomorrow thru Monday with lacrosse. I only have a day and a half to sightsee. Hoping to see something good!

Mama Urchin

Penny I had no idea they were that close to you. I'm thankful you and your home are safe. I hope rain arrives soon and know you and your community are in my prayers.


Praying for you and your community. The force of nature has become so very powerful. Floods, tornados, and wildfires. All so devasting. I hope the rain arrives soon. Stay safe.


Oh yes, you are in my prayers. As a survivor of several hurricanes, I feel like I understand a bit of what you are going through. I hope the firefighters are successful at getting this monster under control.


I'm glad you're okay and at home again. I have friends in Loveland and Longmont keeping us posted. Those in Longmont said even they had smoke in their house this week. I wish we could have sent you some of the rain we got in Southeast Nebraska the past 24 hours!


I am so glad your home was saved. I will keep you and your neighbors in my prayers.

Jackie Rodgers

Praying for all of the above!


So glad you and l-man are safe and sound! I have thought many times this week what I would take with me if I was in the fire's path... don't know how you could decide when so much is on the line. I am so relieved you and your home are out of harms way.


So glad you could go back home! Hopefully the worst is over... still praying for all involved.


So glad you and your home are okay. Praying for you and your neighbors!


Wow Penny - I'm so glad you're safe so far. Be careful out there!


Awfully glad to hear your home was spared from the fire. Sad to hear it hasn't been contained yet. I'm not a praying person, but I will definitely keep my thoughts on this today.


Penny, being a Fort Collins-ite (I live on the west side of town myself), I knew you lived up there somewhere but wasn't sure where. I'm so glad y'all are safe! The smoke has been crazy. It makes my heart hurt, the whole thing, and I am fervently praying for all those involved. And rain!


I just returned from beautiful Ouray, CO. It makes me so sad to hear of the fire. I"m glad you were able to come back home and I'll be praying for sure!


So glad you are back home, Penny! You are in my prayers. Also praying for no winds this weekend. My daughter keeps me up to date on what's going on and it's sad to think of so many people displaced and the fire still threatening to grow!!!



So glad to hear you're home safe!


Thinking about you


Penny, So glad you folks are safe. So scary. My cousin lost everything in the Texas fires. He was at work, never even got to go home to evacuate. Devastating. Sending lots of rainy thoughts to CO!

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