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22 July 2012


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Amanda Rose

oh my gosh! That is ridiculous! That is a lot of hard work.



Penny-- You never cease to amaze me! Great job...love your choice of background fabric. Hope we can connect soon.


Well I had to Google who Ron was.... But it's a fab quilt ... Looks like the cat loves it too!


Snicker!.........Only you would come up with that pic. So funny.


Ron & the cat...I laughed out loud! :D:D:D You've captured "Ron's" eyes,moustache and mouth to a "T", this is way too funny.
Thank you for the chuckle


Okay, I'm new here but you are my new favorite quilter. This is beyond rad!


this is awesome penny, just awesome!



Rachel at Stitched in Color

That cat is dead on!

happy zombie

OH PENNY - I love you so much! I wish we could have been sewing our Ron's together. Sigh. Dreams of high speed jet-packs continue. Or high speed pneumatic human transport tunnels between Oregon and Colorado! Guess I'll just have to wait for Austin!


Nothing I type here can adequately convey how awesome I find this. Really superb. Just really. I can't even breathe. I don't even want to leave this page. Ever!

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