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09 July 2012


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Your block is awesome (especially love what you chose for background) I saw Monica's post, and now yours and I LOVE the quilt! Too funny. I sure hope that Ron Swanson (don't know the actor's name) is aware of what is happening in his honor!
Not sure I can do the QAL, but you better believe I will be following on Flickr!


The block is really neat. I am totally out of the loop. I'll have to Google who Ron Swanson is.

happy zombie

SQUEALING, NOT ABLE TO STOP!!! I love so much that you dove in, Penny. LOVE THAT!! I <3 U!!


Its KILLING me to cut squares instead of sew right now! I wish I had a little sewing room elf to take that part over and that darn job thing is really cramping my style too! Ive had my dear Ron on the brain all day!

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Ahhh, I want to make this quilt, I really do, but I'm already doing the Mario quilt a long - I'm not sure two quilts with tiny squares is a good idea for my sanity LOL Your block looks fantastic!

Pat Sloan

it's the blue bayou for you missy!


hey Penny...making this quilt just re-enforces what I already know: you are a crazy woman! I can't believe you are making this, tho can't wait to see it finished. Hope to sew with you soon...

Marian Griffin

Oh wow I love yours! I just found that awesomeness from Monica yesterday and am so excited to start mine. Your block looks great!! I love that you're doing it in blue with the background you've picked!! Lovely lovely. I'm so excited to see you work on this!!!

Lexi Lucas

Yes! I'm in. So excited. Love that you've done blues, I'm afraid of stepping out of the grey/black colour way. Yours looks great!


Oh, the tangles we get caught up in on the world wide web! Fun stuff you are up to!


HAHAHA!!! I saw you doing this on IG and I couldn't stop laughing! LOVE IT!


Hysterical!!! Love the fabrics you picked!!!


You are one funny gal. I popped to your article on rose making from 09, I think. The way you described thrift store shopping with your husband - funny and cute! I love thrift shopping too.
BTW, loved your knit fabric roses!!! Can't wait to try them.

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