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02 July 2012


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I've been wishing that Connecting Threads would ship internationally for ages - I have had friends in the US send parcels on to me in the UK before, but I hate to ask people to do that too often.


In think the Maple Skies is just like Minnesota in the fall. I could use some fall temps right now too.


Yes, I have been wishing for international shipping just like Charlotte. I live in the Netherlands.
I receive the newsletter, read posts on other blogs about the lovely fabrics and and patterns and then I can't order ...
Lovely sets for the give away. Love the Maple Skies!


I, too, have been ordering from Connecting Threads for years and their solids are probably my favorite! And the prices can't be beat!


Love the Maple Skies.. looks very "Canadian"! so that's my first choice. 2. Technicolour Tidings. 3. Sweet St. Nick. 4. circle of Family.

thanks for the hook up! i'll go check out their site now :D


Sorry to hear about you mom. Hugs to your family.

1. Technicolor Tidings. 2. Maple Skies. 3. Sweet St. Nick. 4. Circle of Family. I haven't tried their fabrics yet. I'm not sure why. I guess I'm trying to be good and not open another can of worms. I think it is time though!


I love Connecting Threads! I just got some new fabric from them last week :)

1. Technicolor Tidings 2. Maple Skies 3. Circle of Family 4. Sweet St. Nick

beth lehman

thinking of you and your family, penny. i meant to comment before. i have been very happy with connecting thread's fabric and their THREAD!! it's an AMAZING deal!! i bought two cones more than a year ago and i still have a lot left on my second one!

i really like the technicolor tidings - fun for wrapping prezzies with drawstring bags! then, maple skies, circle of family, and sweet st. nick.

Robin (not ever sewing)

Maple Skies is my favorite, then Technicolor Tidings. I'm glad to hear their fabric is nice. I've bought their thread before with great satisfaction but I've never tried their fabric yet. And I hope your mom is on the mend soon!


Maple skies, circle of family, tech, st.nick.

I like their solids and blenders,too.

Good luck with your mom!


I love Connecting Threads, too. I only uses their Essential thread and Aurafil thread for my projects. Their fabric is terrific, too! I would pick
Maple Skies
Technicolor Tidings
Sweet St. Nick
Circle of Family

They are all lovely. I will keep your family in my prayers.

Donna H

The fabrics are beautiful.
Sorry to hear about your mom.


I love Connecting Threads! My first choice would be the St Nick and my second choice is Technicolor... Thanks for the chance :)
PS: I'll be thinking about your mother - hoping the treatment goes well!


I would love to try connecting threads fabric.


I live in Spain and have often seen things I like in their shop.
So I would love it if they shipped in internationally. :)

Sarah C.

I like Technicolor Tidings, Maple Skies, Sweet St. Nick, and then Circle of Family. LOVE Connecting Threads - best prices, wonderful fabrics, excellent customer service!! And beautiful fabric!! Thanks for the chance to win!


Thanks for the chance! I like Maple Skies, Technicolor Tidings, Sweet St. Nick, then Circle of Family.

Lauren aka Giddy99

Oh, MY!!!

Technicolor Tidings!
Maple Skies!
Circle of Family!

Thanks for the giveaway, and I hope your family crisis works out.


I love that Maple skies!

(Prayers for your Mom and family as you wait. And for your home - that it stays nice and un-fire-roasted)


The technicolor tidings one is my favorite. I hope your mom's treatments help her get better!

Jody at Because I'm Me

I'm sorry to hear about your Mom. She's in my prayers.

I like the fabrics in the order you posted them. The first one is decadent, as is the second. I've had great success with their fabrics too.


Technicolor Ties, Maple Skies, Sweet St. Nick, Circle of Family. Thanks Connecting Thread!


Keeping you, your mom and your family in my thoughts, Penny.

I like the order given ~ Maple Skies, Technicolor Tidings, Circle of Family and Sweet St Nick! All the fabrics are lovely and I'd be lucky to win any! Thanks so much for the giveaway.

Nicole @ Patchwork Duck Designs

Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway, and I hope your Mom will be okay. I also like the order given: Maple Skies, Technicolor Tidings, Circle of Family and Sweet St. Nick!

Cathi in Texas

What a nice giveaway! I would love any of them, but here they are listed by my favs...

Circle of Family
Maple Skies

Technicolor Tidings
Sweet St. Nick


Great giveaway. 1 Sweet St. Nick. 2 Circle of Family. 3 Maple Skies. 4 Technicolor Tidings.
Thinking of your family.

Heather W

Maple Skies, Circle of Family, Sweet St Nick and Technicolor Tidings. But I really can't choose between Maple Skies and Circle of Family, I think they're equally great!


Circle of Family, Maple Skies, St. Nick, Technicolor. I love Connecting Threads, too, their solids are fantastic!


1. Maple Skies, 2. Technicolor Tidings, 3. Circle of Family, 4. Sweet Saint Nick. Sending good wishes your mom's way!

Valerie {A Day in May}

Love Connecting Threads ---- their thread set 'basics' are my favorite! The colors are so vibrant in the brights, and genius on packaging white/black/silvery grey together. Eek! I also like their 40% quilting book sale that happens 2-3 times a year. It usuallys tips the scale in favor of a book that I was maybe on the fence about. Their solids really do have a nice feel to them --- almost silky. I prefer their 'Silver Lining' gray over Kona Ash, believe it or not. They're starting to feature blogger patterns, too, and have a fairly extensive 'free' downloand section on their website. Yup, I'm a fan! {grin}

As for the fabric, I've been eyeing Technicolor Tidings so it's first on my list. Then Maple Skies, Circle of Family, and Sweet St. Nick.

Thanks for the hook up! {wink}

Betty van Os

Love ct's shop. I cannot under stand why they will not send internationally. They'd doFINE
You cannot ask a relativeor blogfriend to help you out on this more than once, can you?

Betty van Os

And goodluck waiting! Wishing you and yours a lot of patience xxx


Maple Skies is so pretty! That's my first choice, Technicolor Tidings 2nd, then Circle of Family, then Sweet St. Nick. I'll definitely be looking into this company a little more!


1st technicolor Tidings, 2nd Sweet St. Nick, 3rd Maple Skies, 4th Circle of Family!!! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!! Hugs to you and your family through this difficult time!

Jacklynn Grimm

1. Technicolor Tidings - love the bright! 2. Sweet St. Nick 3. Circle of Friends $. Maple Skies. Thanks for the give away!


How fun! Thanks! 1. Maple skies, 2. Circle of family, 3. Technicolor tidings, 4. Saint nick.

Angie C

Get well wishes for your Mom!! I also like the order given: Maple Skies, Technicolor Tidings, Circle of Family and Sweet Saint Nick! Thanks for the chance to win!!


I have been very pleased with my purchases from COnnecting Threads. Here are my choices for the fat quarter sets: 1) Maple Skies, 2) Technicolor Tidings, 3) Circle of Family, 4) Sweet St. Nick.


Debby Saunders

1. Technicolor tidings, 2. Maple Skies, 3. Sweet St. Nick, 4. Circle of Family

Thanks for the giveaway. Debby

Penny G

I have been going through the recently arrived catalog drooling and rueing the fact that I said I wouldn't buy more fabric now. If I win it then everything is okay!


I like them in exactly the order you posted them - 1. Maple Skies 2. Technicolor Tidings 3. Circle of Family 4. Sweet St Nick.

So many great fabrics!


After reading all these comments, I'm definitely going to have to check out Connecting Threads. My list:
1) Maple Skies
2) Technicolor Tidings
3) Circle of Family
4) Sweet St. Nick

angie miller

I'm always on the lookout for better thread - thanks! As for the fabric, my favorite is technicolor tidings, then maple skies, circle of family and sweet st. nick (in that order).


I've been really impressed with connecting threads lately, too, and really need to load up on some of their solids. I'd love to win the maple bundle but anything would do as I'll be putting it to giod use making some charity quilts for the quilts for kids challenge. Thanks south for the chance to win some great fabric.


I love Connecting Threads and have ordered from them for years, both their fabrics and their threads! My list:
1. Technicolor Tidings
2. Maple Skies
3. Circle of Family
4. Sweet St. Nick

Thanks :)


I love connecting threads! Maple Skies is a new favorite and St Nick.

Muriel Bouwens

I love Connecting Threads. Their fabric is awesome! My first choice is Maple Skies......

Chris C.

I loved that Canning Day collection, too! I think my fave from what you've got here is Maple Skies, followed by Technicolor Tidings. The others aren't really to my taste, so if I was picked 3rd or 4th and that's all that was left, you should give them to someone who really wants them :-)


love Connecting Threads! I stalk their website constantly and drool.

1. Circle of Family 2. Maple Skies. 3.Technicolor Tidings 4. Sweet St. Nick

Kris Garst

I'm a huge fan of Connecting Threads! Any of the sets would be fabulous, but my list would be:

Maple Skies
Technicolor Tidings
Sweet St. Nick
Circle of Family

Thanks! :D

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