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28 July 2012


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I think I would use pink, orange and some yellow...brights of coarse! Thanks!


My favourite colours right now are teal and green with white! Thanks for the give away!

kristine hanson

hhhhhhm had not planned to to the qal but if I won....I would do a lime green, turqouise and gray quilt

Ali M

Thanks for the giveaway! I'm wavering between pale beachy greens blues and yellows, or a brighter combination of turquoise, cream and green..Ok so I guess just two versions of the same thing ;)


I would do mine in blue shades only. Thanks for this giveaway.

Becky M

oh, I want to do green blue and brown for my son's bed.

Katy (LethargicLass)

Probably pretty close to the original, but a mustard yellow instead of the peach(?) and maybe a grey instead of the white... would have to see lol


Charcoal, marine blue and tangerine orange.


Oh, I just love this pattern! I'd make it in black, avocado green, orange, yellow, and cream! This would go so good in my grandparents cabin that is done in groovy 70's colors :)

Robin (not ever sewing)

I'm fixated on a palette and I haven't put it to a quilt yet- and this quilt would be PERFECT for it! Here it is (all Konas): cadet, chartreuse, coal, copen, slate, sprout, white.


I think my son would love this pattern in gray, white, black and dark purple.


I'd go with mustard, grey, dark grey, black and bone.


pinks and reds for my youngest niece.

aimee sanborn

I would use green, aqua, dark blue, and bright yellow!

Kathy MacKie

Green, purple and cream.


I think it would look great in ANY color combo, but I'd say if I were to make it I would try Black, Gray, and White! I think that'd be really pretty! Thanks for the chance to win!!!!


I love this pattern!!! I am thinking of using greens of course my favorite color!!


This quilt is so retro! I love it! I would make it with dark brown and other warm colours.

Diann Cornell

Greens and greys and royal blue


I am doing solids. I know one color is ice peach an another is probably black. But beyond that I don't know.


I'd do it in brown, teal and gray!


I would have predominately oranges, my fave color!

Tina Holton

Love the retro design. Mine would probably be a mix of muted greens, blues, creams, and white.


I'm feeling... pink, aqua, black, cream, teal... I think. ;) Thanks for the great giveaway!


brown, orange and blues

Carol J

I think I would need to do it in purple, lime and black. I haven't done anything with purples for a long time. It is calling to me.


Green Blue Purple with a dose of soft white - maybe


Colors would be medium blues and white and cream, to match my bedroom. I love the scale of this pattern!


Oohhh - I love this quilt! It makes me think of waves, so I'd use shades of teal, marine blue, maybe a little lime green, and some white for the whitecaps.

Brenda Elsner

I would do a combination of reds and blues.


I would use orange, black, and yellow.

Kim W

My favorite mini skirt in the sixties was a lime green. So it would have to be that with off white, a hot pink and black.


The pattern makes me think of the sea so I'd have to make it in greens, blues, aquas.

Chrystal J.

I'd use beige, baby blue, white, and black.


I would choose grey, mauve and black.


Erin E

If I was the lucky winner I would choose fabrics that are purple and mint green colors because it would match our daughter's room. Thank you for the lovely giveaway!
Erin E
busymom369 at gmail dot com

Nicole Maki

I think it would be super-fun in neons.

Thanks for the chance to win.


I love the colors in the pattern sample but also think pinks and purples could be awesome or the sea glass type colors from your 'first'quilt kit.


Light blue, white, light gray, charcoal and navy.

Sarah Yurga

I'd choose a pink, yellow and raspberry combo for my daughter!


Since it is a GROOVE 70's Quilt, I'd have to say:
Chocolate and orange.
And for me - a little extra blue!

Susan Smoaks

I would use yellow, red and grass green!


Royal blue, gray, white and black

Marissa M

I would choose purple, cream and brown


Wow-- that's a pattern! I'm thinking either treat it like the ocean-- whites, blues, greens, and grays, or go buck rogers all over it-- something metallic-- like the jumpsuits they put on erin gray-- jewel colors of green, purple, silver and electric blue


gold, teal and pink :)


Green, blue and gray.

Mike S.

All sorts of shades of blue

Cindy F

I'd love to see it in greens!

Roxanne Miner

OMG I love this pattern!!!!! Definitely Orange, Lime Green & Gray! Crossing my fingers!!!!!

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