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16 July 2012


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You are a sewing machine! Holy cow! I love that you provided stats on the process of creating your Ron. He's right there and he's awesome.


Ron is looking great on the wood wall and I'm not surprised at all that he loves sushi ~

Lauren aka Giddy99

That is so amazing, and you finished it so fast! Like a Quilting Ninja!


Great job, Penny...Ron is all his turquoise glory. You very crazy girl!


Penny, that's so awesome! I can't believe you got it done so quickly!


Oh Penny, he's magnificent!! Thank-you so much for the sushi love!! *hugs*


awesome penny, just awesome


Penny, your Ron quilt is awesome and totally hilarious in the best possible way. I love it.

And that sushi pattern is so cute. I might have to give it a try. :-)

happy zombie

I love Ron loving sushi. Love your title, love your post, love your RSA (so FREAKING MUCH!), love Sonja's "I love sushi", and most of all… I LOVE YOU!


oh i love him! and i love sushi too!


I love that you made that quilt so fast!! He DOES look good in blue!


He does love sushi! Especially that odd egg one! Great time sewing with you today! And you got this done so quickly, I'll never understand what you mean when you talk, "slow sew."

Lori Holt

I love Ron in blue...and I love sushi!!!...I can't believe you finished so quickly!

Mary Ann

Handsome is as handsome does. Did Ron say that? In any event handsome!

Linda Fieldhouse


Ron looks awesome! You did a great job and he rocks outdoors. I wonder if Ron knows about this love fest for him. It would be funny if they have it on the show. Have a great evening.

Linda :-)


oh my lord, that is hilarious! your quilt top is amazing! i LOVE ron swanson - he's pretty much the greatest tv character ever. ron: "i suffer from a condition called sleep fighting". leslie: "oh that sounds terrible!" ron: "only when i'm losing."

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