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30 August 2012


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amy dame

ohmygoodness. you are so ridiculously awesome. who knew highlighters were so cool?

i am so impatient to register and get it over with, it's all so stressful! if your classes fill up before i get them, i think i'll cry!


I am so envious of you going to Lotta's class and so happy to see your name with the other big names- you have officially hit the big time!


A whole back to school set of patterns! Yippee! I can't wait to see what you have grouped with the hi-lighters.

Mama Urchin

Those highlighters are so cute. You always amaze me Penny.


Such cute pens! Great work!


Love the highlighters ~ what a great pattern!
Wish I were going to QuiltCon just to take a class with you (tho taking a class with Lotta would be great too). Maybe another class in Colorado?


These highlighters are so cool. I'll wait for the pattern to make a little bag for my granddaughter!


Hey, love the highlighters. Could use a couple for all the article reading I'm doing. I'd rather be sewing!

Linda Fieldhouse


So excited that you are going to Quiltcon and teaching too! I love your hi-lighters. Have a good night.



I'm loving watching the travelling quilts make the rounds and your amazing highlighters are a perfect addition to Elizabeth's quilt!


Can't wait to see the new set of patterns! And I'm beyond thrilled that I'll get to meet you at QuiltCon!

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