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15 September 2012


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Mama Urchin

You always amaze me Penny. Good luck with the digging!


LOL, you go from super artsy window dressings to digging in rock! Talk about contrasts! I'll be laughing my head off all day.
Glad to see your creative juices growing and growing.


Loving all the designs and things made with them. So many patterns to make and not enough time for them all.
Have fun digging ~ one of my favorite things to do is dig in the dirt (still)!


Love love love everything in this post, Penny! I am a big fan of everything you and Kerry come up with for Sew-Ichigo as you know!
Your popsicle curtain is so cute! Love the way each popsicle is different from each other but they all have some parts of lovely geometric fabric!
Amber's latte to do blocks rock! I can't wait to make mine!


The curtain turned out super sweet!
Hope your dirt cooperates :-)


super cute pattern


I ADORE the curtains and my daughter loves to steal my highlighters. Gonna have to make the pencil case and stuff it with her own highlighters!


I am a sucker for a pencil pouch but a pencil pouch with a paper pieced label sewn into the design, now that makes me swoon. Incredible!

Nicole_ bold goods

I love these lil pencil cases...such a good idea!


SO much "fabulosity" in this post! Oh my! The back-to-school set is wonderful!

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