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24 September 2012


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You captured such vibrant colors! I want to reach out and touch that bridge. It looks smooth and polished but I wonder if it is? We were out camping this weekend too! We had amazing weather and a wonderful time and I too got to work on seaming a baby sweater gift.

Gene Black

Wow...those leaf colors are amazing. Living in Alabama with lots and lots of pines, we don't see a lot of color changes.


lovely photos


Oh, I just love GRAND LAKE. Such a pretty place to visit. Also, love those clamshells!


Those leaves are beautiful! The last few years, the leaves have been kinda blah here. I'm hoping it is going to be a great year, I guess I'll have to wait and see!

Kara @me_and_elna



Stunning fall colour. I'm waiting for it here.
Have fun with the clamshells.


I wondered where you were! Oh, you make me lonesome for those mountains!
No fair! And that latte, LOL, you just had to didn't you.


Your pictures are gorgeous, Penny! Glad you had such a great weekend!


The leaves are beautiful. I'm in the south on the coast and it is still pretty darn warm down here. The trees barely know that it's fall.

Heidi @ Fabric Mutt

Gorgeous pictures and those clamshells are amazing!


Ahhh! Nothing beats the aspens in late September! Thanks for sharing!


Really fab photos Penny! The leaves are taking their time here in Portland but know fall is on the way ~
Clam shells? looks like fun!!!


I am in LOVE with your clamshells!! Oh my gosh, beautiful! I'm looking forward to your tutorial.

Beautiful scenic photos! My brother is in Arvada and we went out to CO for his wedding back in 2000. I LOVED it there--so pretty.

Karen Urbanec

What beautiful pictures!! Love Colorado in the fall! but your pictures are really gorgeous! Glad you had a great weekend!


Penny, I keep coming back to look at your clamshell picture. I was reading your blog on my iPhone while waiting to pick up my son from school & his (18 yr old) twin sister saw the photo and fell in love. Would you happen to know the designers of the lines of fabric that has the girl on it (in the front) and the shoe behind it? My daughter wants me to do a clamshell quilt like this for her, loved those fabrics, and I just thought I'd ask. Then maybe I can have it done for her in time for her college graduation! ;) Thanks for any help!

Kayla Medina

Beautiful pictures, Penny!! I absolutely love that bridge! I have always wanted to visit Colorado :)

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