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28 October 2012


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What a heartfelt gift!! You deserve it. Hugs to you!!


Friends are the best. What a great quilt. I'm sure you feel the love.


What a great group of friends! I do hope you'll take a few closeups of it. The blocks look so fantastic I want to see more detail!


That's absolutely wonderful! The quilting community is kind of awesome like that.

You deserve every ounce of love and every single stitch. :-)

krista - Poppyprint

I'll never tire of seeing photos of this quilt!! So happy you love it and feel the love. It's a quilting love fest! Soak it up, Penny. xo


Fozzy have the right idea ; )
I'm sure he will share it with you, once in a while, too!
So good to see the finished quilt. It is just perfect! And now nobody has to be afraid of revealing any big secrets. You so deserve this quilty love. Enjoy, Penny!


I love seeing it in your house, and Fozzy has given it his definite seal of approval!


It's amazing how love extends, in so may ways, around us all. You have a treasure of love from friends near and far that will be with you always. There are fewer greater blessings - enjoy.


Fantastic quilt......what a fabulous thing to do..... I have to say thank you too, it was you who inspired me to sew again....
Happy stitching


Penny, it's amazing. I wish I could pull up a chair and pour over it too. What a lovely gift for you, a lovely friend to these ladies and many more!

Gene Black

Quilty friends are the BEST!

beth lehman

what an amazing gift!


I can see where you'd love it to pieces with all those "Penny" prints and the arrangement is all you as well. They sure do know you! You attract the most awesome people! Enjoy, you ARE the inspiration and deserved one.


I love how much joy it has brought to you. I love, love, loved making your blocks. It was fun picking fabrics for you.


What lovely friends to make you this wonderful quilt! Fozzy in the middle of it all is really sweet!


It was absolutely my pleasure to help with this quilt... I hope it brings you comfort and peaceful thoughts! <3 you :)


It is so beautiful. I want this quilt!!! What a work of art!


yay penny, it's so pretty, great job to the ladies that sewed it all together!!!

diane stanley

What a beautiful community of quilty friends you have. This quilt is stunning and so special.

machen und tun

what a great gift, congrats on your awesome friends Penny!!! I almost cried seeing this i and i donĀ“t even know half of these people - but i can feel the love sewn into it through the internet for sure. you are one lucky lady.. and totally deserve it :-)


Wow Penny -- what wonderful friends you have -- it's beautiful!!!


wow!!! it is stunning!

(i had so much fun using your scraps to make your block! even though it made me feel a wee bit silly and a wee bit cheap. but i figured you might like the fabrics, LOL!)

here's to a much better year coming up. sending love and hugs.


Laurie Wisbrun

Giant hugs to you sweet Penny. I loved being able to be part of Quilty Love. It brings such a smile to my face knowing how much you're enjoying it. xo


The quilt is really sewed with love. Actually, a big, big love from group of friends. I believe the blocks will cement a kind of friendship that will be treasured forever. This effort to sew is such an inspiration.

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