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26 November 2012


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amazing photos! hope you had a wonderful time.


so fun! I love that you guys are so adventurous. We just started reading little house on the prairie (after reading little house in the big woods of course), these pictures are totally what's in my head when I'm reading. :)


Thanks for the "postcards!"

stephanie @ providence handmade

So, so beautiful. I would love to visit that area someday! What a great idea to spend Thanksgiving doing something like that - I love it!


Wow, what amazing views. My middle daughter, a major horse lover, would have squealed to see a wild horse! Amazing!

Tammy Mabry

Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your photos.

Penny G

Amazing - also inspiring. Maybe that is something Paul and I should investigate.

Linda Fieldhouse


What great photos you take! So happy you had a great time. Thanksgvivng is one of my favorite holidays and what a place to spend it . Thanks for sharing! 😊



Thanks for taking and sharing such beautiful pictures. What an inspiring place!


Stunning scenery! Your photos are wonderful. And camping - in November. Wow, I'm impressed.


The scenery is beautiful. So spectacular and gorgeous colour! Forgive me I don't know much about American history, I'm Australian, but are those rock paintings and dwellings Native American or even older, like Stone Age?


W.O.W. Like, wow. I am sooooo impressed and amazed by your photos. I have never been further west than the Denver area, so had to look up where the San Juan River was, etc. The Anasazi ruins are just too cool. Thanks for sharing the pictures!


Beautiful ~ especially the moon over the cliff. The landscape is so different than anything else in Utah. Love it there.


WOW! Beautiful pictures of beautiful scenery!


Good for you guys! I love that country and wish we were back hiking the trails. Glad you had a good time.


What a beautiful way to celebrate Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing all of the beautiful images :)


The San Juan Utah area is so beautiful. I am excited to know you were in my state!


Beautiful, I'm always amazed at how the ruins and petroglyphs remain in such good condition after so long! I've never seen them in person but would love to.


You are so incredibly lucky. While I despise camping, I would love to see anything left by the Anasazi peoples. And you saw a wild horse!! I recently heard a story on NPR about how the border patrol were capturing them and using them, so it's a win for everybody (the patrol's take on it, not mine!) and it totally broke my heart that this was the attitude. :( Such a beautiful creature.


I love these and such gorgeous pictures! My great-great grandmother was sent to the San Juan area by the Mormon church so pictures like these always strike a bit of pride in what she encountered all those years ago. I've never visited but will one day. Thanks for sharing!

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