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14 January 2013


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Archie the wonder dog

I love your cross stitch and your bee blocks!! You can get magnifiers that hang round your neck - really useful for embroidery http://www.barnyarns.co.uk/Basic-Neck-Magnifier-pr-26584.html Good light to stitch by also makes an incredible difference to what you can see - sounds obvious but it's true!

Silvana (aka Silort)

Oh my!!! I'm In love with these teacup/teapot !!! Lucky Leila!!!


I think they make magnifiers that clip to your embroider hoop/frame. I don't need a one yet but I definitely need my glasses. That little strawberry is so cute!


there seems to be a lot of negative opinion out there, but it's easy to judge a book by its cover. I love cross stitch and there are SO MANY modern designs out there. It's kind of like looking at a traditional quilt in civil war fabrics and saying that quilting is old fashioned...


Love the cross stitch ~ it's so cute! and your bee blocks are lovely ~ you have such wonderful creativity.
I hate to say this but maybe you need bifocals? Sorry, I'm really sorry to say that. I know it was hard for me to admit that I needed them. Darn ~


Long term cross stitcher here :-) Love those designs. Off to check out the book (after I send this, LOL) But, I wanted to mention that I have tried both the clip on to the frame light and the hang around your neck version. I HIGHLY prefer the hang around your neck. The clip on always gets in my way. I have not tried the clip to the glasses version (I wear contact lens). Tere are some amazing designs out these days!


Oh dear. I have just been across to the Japan Lovely Crafts site and seen the Ami Ami Dogs book. かわいい!I so want it, but can I justify yet another craft book?
If you are not a fan of overly busy designs, another really cute cross-stitch book to consider is Made in France: cross-stitch and embroidery in red, white and blue (Delage-Calvet and others).

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