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24 January 2013


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Even though I only live an hour away, I'm not going to any classes. In this economy, I cannot afford $150 for a class, or $90 to attend some lectures. I may go to the exhibition hall to view the vendors and quilt show.


I hope you have a great time. Anyone who has the opportunity to attend will certainly learn something great especially from you!


I'm going! Yay! I really wanted to take a class of yours, but it didn't work out. :(
Registration was nuts. I am in the modern Redwork class and I think it will be interesting. I'm also signed up for a lecture day or two...can't remember. Anyway, I love your mug and will have to be sure to find you there!

Jenny Squawk

I signed up for 3 classes. I can't believe its about time to work on getting all the supplies packed up. Very excited.


The mug is so cute! Hope your prep is going well


Penny, love how you designed the mugs with your paper pieced designs!!! I can't believe QuiltCon is less than a month away!!! I need to pull out my supply lists and see what to bring. I was a little over ambitious at registration and signed up for as many classes as I could, two days of lectures and the exhibit. Don't think I will sleep while there ;-) So looking forward to taking your class and getting the chance to meet you!


Love the mugs! I'm not going to QuiltCon, but I'll have a quilt there. :)

Elizabeth J

Even though it was a high of 79 this week, it might be a high of 29 next week! Weather in texas is a bit unpredictable in Jan/Feb/Mar.


I'm getting excited, too, and I get to be in one of your workshops! Yay! It is the class I'm looking forward to, and I'm not just sucking up! ;)


Ditto the weather in Texas. I would wait until the week before to check on that weather! We had a snowstorm in Dallas a week ago or so and no one even saw it coming!


Not going ~ darn it. Wish I was tho.


I'll be there, but wasn't able to get into any classes. I will be at the lectures/exhibit on Friday.


What an adorable mug!
I'm not going but hope you have a fabulous time!


There are a group of us going from this area and are counting down. I have signed up for three classes (I hope that is not too many) and am now stressing about what to take. I have classes with Anna Maria Horner, Denyse Schmidt and Jackie Gehring.

Beth Furnish

I'm going - I used to live there so I get to see an old friend, too. I will also not be sleeping... I'm taking your advanced foundation piecing class and one with Angela Walters on quilting negative space. Incredibly excited!!


love love the mug penny, amazing! and you'll be an amazing teacher. Hope you have fun there! :)


I'm going and I am taking a bunch of classes, but unfortunately not yours. I do hope to get to meet you there.


Cute mug! I am going and getting super excited and nervous. I am a self taught quilter and never have taken any sewing classes. I am registered for 3 classes.


I wish I could go but just cant afford to. Its too far to drive. All the really good events are too far. My quilt is going. Mmm... my quilts go to more quilt shows then I do. Look for 1,2,3 squared and make sure its behaving itself.


I live in Austin and I am for sure going! I am volunteering, and I absolutely can't wait! The weather here has been wonderful, my hubby and I were driving around in the sun with the windows down and I actually broke a sweat loading up my car today.


Love those mugs!! I wish I could go...just too far away! I did go to Road To California yesterday :-)


Those mugs are too much!! I love them!


oh those mugs are wonderful and I love the colors. I have never attended QuiltCon but it sounds great!!


They are adorable! Can't wait to see them live. More importantly I can't wait to meet you IRL :-)


I so wish I could go and attend your class!! The mug is super cute, Penny! It would be a perfect cup for morning coffee to start a crafty day! I hope you have lots of fun in Austin!

susan mcadams

Since I live in Austin I signed up to be a super volunteer. I tried for classes too late so the only class I am going to see is the one I am an assistant for.


Wish I was going with you!! Have a blast dear one!!

Marie D.

Love the mug!
I'll be in your Sunday class! Yay! Can't wait

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