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01 March 2013


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Man, you had some real pros in your classes, Penny. Guess they had a spectacular teacher, huh! Missed you tons and so glad you had a really great time. Keep up the good work! Hugs!!!


If I had been able to go, I would have taken your foundation design class! I'm dabbling on my own but it would be so helpful to have a guide (especially one whose work I love so much. :-)

Glad you had a wonderful time!


Hey Penny--So glad you survived (and thrived) at QuiltCon. Had no idea you were teaching 3 classes-wow! Hope you are enjoying a relatively quiet week--hope to see you soon!


Hey Penny - I was in the freezer paper class and learned so much. Thank you! Would love to hear more on how to design them. Any plans for a book, tutorial or Craftsy class???


I love seeing all the pictures from your class and what everyone made! I wish I could have been there and learnt from you!


Oh, looks like you had plenty of fun! Do want to take a class with you ~ making my own paper piecing designs would be lovely!
I've heard lots about QuiltCon ~ I'm definitely going in 2015!


Cute post! Awesome job! Congrats! Good to see y'all survived that great Republic down south! Hugs! Miss ya!

Emily Smith

Quiltcon looks like so much fun. Are you teaching any local classes? I am loving all the designs here, so inspiring.


It's been so fun to see the pictures from quiltcon on your IG and here! Those great blocks your students made show that you were such a great teacher!

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