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21 April 2013


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Oh my word! This whole time I was reading sTeam roller!!! I'm rolling on the ground over here cause I was like, where does the steam come in and at the end of the post, with the oil!! Lol hahahaha
Okay I gotta pee! Thanks for the laugh!


Awesome tip! Thanks! Just ordered mine!


I think I have a roller just like that, just need to find it..... thanks for the GREAT tip, Penny!


Totally excellent explanation!
And after reading that first comment, I gotta do the same!! Too funny!


Oh and it looks like somebunny loves ya!! He heard you talk about the bunny and is proving his cuddly cuteness!


Neat tool, I have never heard of a seam roller.

Esther F.

I will add this roller to my shopping list!
thanks for the tip!!!


Awesome tip Penny! Thanks.


Great tip, Penny! I'll have to check those out...


I ordered one last night. I was going to use my brayer, but you convinced me.... You are such an enabler!!! 8-)

Thanks for the great info...

xo Linda


That's nifty!! Thank you for the information!


Brilliant Penny! As I was making two laminated cotton and oilcloth totes yesterday, fussing with not being able to press the seams open, I thought of this post and another use for the seam roller! Will be ordering these for the shop, well, mostly me, asap!!


Awesome tip, I need to find one of those! Thanks for sharing it!

Jennifer @ Ellison Lane

Penny, this is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!


Ordered the seam roller. Actually used the narrow end on my pizza dough roller last night to press, it worked perfectly, just had the 4-inch side in the way. This will be better! Thanks for sharing your source!


This is Brilliant Penny!! Now I'm questioning why I didn't think of this a LOONG time ago! LOL!!


Thanks for the info on the seam roller. Ordered mine and it came already. Love it. No need to get up from the machine to press. I just roll the seams and sew on.


Never heard of a seam roller. I'm just getting into quilting and am having a lot of trouble pressing my seems flat.


Hi Penny, this is so cool!! It looks like printmaking roller, but I think the material must be different. It would make paper-piecing so much easier. I always press the seams when I add another join piece. :) Thank you for sharing~

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